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   Chapter 46 NO.46

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Violets POV

She glanced one more time giving me a smug look and finally replied, "He's not here." I smiled even though she was being a complete bitch by clearly lying.

"You don't understand I need to see him please."I asserted, raking a hand through my wavy brown hair and this time she did not bother to glance at me as the phone rang and she was quick to answer.

She was whispering so I barely heard but I definitely heard the phrase quote on quote, "Yes Mr.Price."

That little ohhh I just want to choke her but you know I'm restraining my myself so the father of my child doesn't think I'm a psycho and then decide to take away my child.

So I took deep breathe.

"I need to see him." I demanded loudly while glaring directly at her raging eyes.

She acted as if I was going to snatch the man right from under her arms.

"but sir she doesn't have an-"I'm guessing she was cut off."You can go in. " She said, putting down the phone then smacking her lips.

I opened the door to find him fully engaged in his work and once the door shut he narrowed his eyes to glance in my direction.

"May help you madam."He asked, with a charming smile on his face of which I believe is part of the reason I ended up in his bed.

"Um yeah I'm pretty sure you don't remember me......"I gulped taking a deep breath."I first off want to start by saying I'm not asking anything of you I just felt the need to tell you."

For some reason my pulse was increasing rapidly.

"I believe you are unforgettable."He smirked and I just mentally had a heart attack.

Why in the world did he have to be so hot!!

"Oh yup um this is hard for me I'm really sorry because the last time I did this things did not end up well but here goes nothing......I'm pregnant.....please don't get angry if you don't want to see me again I'm fine with that really It wouldn't be the first time but I just um felt the need to uh tell you since you are the father after-"

"Wow that child is going to be a talkative one." He chuckled, standing up and walking towards me." four years ago I had been in a devoted relationship I don't want to bore you with all the details long story short after two days of giving birth Alice passed away and left the best thing in my life today my beautiful daughter. I no doubt will stick by you through this.Just like Alice is my baby this child will be my baby I promise you there will be no difference between the two."

I released a b

d has to."I gave a mocking smile as he stood up.

"What how does he get off by just some begging and a hug."He whined like a two year old and it was my turn to cackle.

"Because he's better looking then you."His smile was now a frown as Nathan burst into laughter.

"Do you forget that I'm his father so that indicates he has my killer hot genetics."

"You wish it's my genetics that makes him stunning."

"That doesn't explain why he looks practically identical to me."

"Hello are you guys literally going to argue about how fine I look." Nate finally interrupted making us both gaze in his direction holding back our laughs.

"Well he definitely gets his confidence from you."I scowled as he rolled his eyes walking towards me and Nate walked inside to continue playing with Jake.

"Just admit we make beautiful babies together."He formed a boyish grin wrapping his hands around my waist causing my skin to prickle and my heart beat to skip a beat."You want to skip the dinner and make another one with killer hot genetics."

"Ethan we just like literally got out of bed like five hours ago and besides don't you want to wait until were more settled down."

"Life is to short for the wait so why not start now."He shrugged and for some reason that segment convinced me.




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