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   Chapter 44 NO.44

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River's POV

"Who's the baby daddy?" I sighed crossing my arms."Don't tell me its Micheal?"I whispered as she looked up at me with widened eyes.

"No no its not Micheal I haven't slept with Micheal in over a four months. She admitted bring her gaze to the Brazilian tiled floors."Your remember that night we went to the bar and you left early I ah sort of got drunk and....."She trailed off moving her hands to explain and this time my eyes went up from shock.

"No you didn't did you, Vi you slept with a complete stranger, for goodness sake how old are you?"I ran my hand through my hair from frustration as she looked up saddened.

"Micheal told me he wanted to leave me after Jacobs party and I was upset at how he can through a six year relationship in the trash....."She trailed beginning to tear up as I glanced at her with sympathy.

Not that I wanted to.

The bitch in me wanted to tell her to women up but for some reason I didn't.

"Do you know his name?"I took a seat next to her, laying a hand on her shoulder for comfort as she gulped.

"Nope not at all."She admitted barring her face within her hands."I saw abs, charm, intelligence and well you know things just happened.

"Alright then I'm just glad it's not that son of bitch's Micheal." I felt completely relived, rejoiced even."Do you need anything?"

She sighed shaking her head, "No you go have fun with Ethan while I get knocked up and have ten children each from different fathers."

I couldn't help but chuckle.

"Um Ethan is with Diana and I found a handsome man to date."Her jaw dropped as she gazed into mid air.

"How the hell did you find a guy so quickly?"She crossed her arms and I felt like I was a teenager being interrogated by her mother.

"Your talking, you skipped the dating, marriage and skipped right to having a baby so I'm the one who should be asking questions don't you think."

"Alright alright go rendezvou with whoever the hell he is but I'm meeting him."She demanded standing up and ready to push me out of the door.

"Oh no no pack your things your staying with me until you feel better."I demanded tapping my watch and she as normal rolled her eyes.

"Im fine now go."

"No your not and its either th


"Yes please two glasses of red wine." Ryan added, as the waitress wrote it down then left.

"Excuse me Ryan I have to go fix my makeup." I smiled and he nodded.

He's genuinely a nice person.

I walked into the bathroom and took out my lip gloss.

"What the hell are you doing with him?" A familiar masculine voice barked causing me to jump as the door was locked.

I quickly turned to find Ethan standing in front of me with a look of annoyance being over shadowed with anger.

I automatically knew who was behind this.


Oh he is in so much trouble.

" I don't have to explain anything to you Ethan." I grimaced as he trapped me in between his arms.

"Oh yes yes you do."He quickly replied.

"No I do not."I objected looking directly into his eyes which were seeping with rage."Your with Diana and your daughter and thats the way it should be."

"I'm not with Diana for your information and I don't want you with Ryan do you hear me."

"Ethan stop talking nonsense our relationship was over five years ago so that gives you no right to but into my love life."As if these words triggered him he began to slam his right hand against the wall.

"Your mine, you only belong to me and no one else and I will have the head of the man who lays eyes on you."


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