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River's POV

"Men will sleep around with whatever slut in there way but in the end they return to there wives."A female voice hissed right over my shoulder and I quickly turned to see Angelina standing before me with a smirk plastered on her face.

I wanted to reply to her cruelty but deep down I was being ripped into shreds because I knew, part of her segment had some truth in it.

I handed her the teddy bear and quickly walked out of the hospital barely containing myself as I sat on the bench trying to catch my breathe.

I knew it was my fault, all my fault that they aren't a family now but I wanted him.

I still loved him, I always loved him better yet I never stopped loving him despite all the cruel accusations that came from his mouth.

I'm so stupid, how could I let something like this get past me.

All my thoughts were overpowering my feelings and before I knew I tear fell on my check along with many more.

"Are you ok?"a deep masculine tone consoled and I quickly looked up to find a pair of dark brown eyes staring in my direction.

"Yeah I'm fine."I assured wiping my tears and he took a seat next to me extending his arms.

"I know you don't know me but do you want a hug?"He asked with a half smile and if the circumstances were differnt I never would have agreed."What ever it is or who ever it is, it doesn't deserve for you to ruin your flawless complexion because trust me anyone would, die for a smile coming from your beautiful face."He continued to soothe while hugging me and thank goodness he didn't see my face because I was blushing harder than a cherry red tomato.

"Thank you-" I began but was cut off by his phone ringing, he quickly picked it up replied with an ok than closed the phone.

"Please stay here I want to check up on my daughter for a couple of minutes than we can go get a bite to eat." He offered with a smirk on his face and I rolled my eyes chuckling.

"I don't even know your name and you just want me to go with you-"

"The names Ryan. Ryan Rhodes and may I ask what your name is or is that forbidden?"He smiled causing me to laugh."You see I knew that smile was worth millions."He added and I bit on my lip blushing.

Gosh he's a player but he's so damn hot.

His muscular structure, looks and his choice of words would get any women to come running into his arms but I figured I had to start somewhere if I wanted

and I chuckled from the amount of surprises this girl held.

"I have my ways sweet heart." I smirked and she furrowed her eye brows in suspicion."The real question here is do you need a ride?"

She perked her lips."No thanks see you tomorrow."


River's POV

I quickly left the hospital and rushed to Violets house.

If it was her son who called me then she must be more sick then she claimed to be.

After knocking at the door for a short amount of time Jake opened the door with concern written all over his face as I quickly rush in to find Violet puking her guts out.

"Vi when I called you said you were fine."I accused moving her brown hair from her now pale face.

"No no I'm fine I promise."She said, trying to force a smile.

"Don't deny."I threatened with my index finger and she chuckled throwing her self on the sofa.

"Im fine."She said, closing her eyes.

"Oh my goodness when was your last period?"I practically choked as her eyes opened widely.

"Oh fuck four weeks ago."She replied standing up.

"Do you have a test or do you need me to go get one?"

"Yeah, yeah I have a couple." She gulped rushing into the bathroom.

After what seemed like hours but only minutes she came out holding all four positive pregnancy tests nearly crying.

"I'm pregnant River what am I going to do now?" She sobbed in the crotch of my neck as I patted her hair for comfort.

"Who's the baby daddy?"


So Who's the baby daddy?

What do you guys think?

Please Let Me Know your Thoughts!!!!

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