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   Chapter 42 NO.42

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River's POV

I awoke with the sun shining brightly on my face and for some stupid reason there was an idiotic smile plastered on my face, that of course was before I saw a bunch of missed calls on my phone mostly from the company, and three from Nate.

I called Nate first and he picked up quickly, surprisingly.

"Hello baby is everything alright."I asked with a concerned tone and I could hear him release a breathe of frustration.

"Yeah Mom everything is good I just wanted to check up on you."he beamed, causing my once unformed smile to return."Your coming back tonight right?"He asked and I heard a bunch of loud rummaging before the bathroom door opened and with Ethan walking out in just a white towel around his waist revealing his muscular and toned chest.

I was speechless for a good five minutes, as I tried to look the opposite direction so my heated checks won't reveal there selves.

Wait what happened last night?

I don't recall Ethan being in the same room as me.

I shook my head and looked to side of the bed.

Damn it's a mess, his phone was on the night stand and so was his wallet.

Oh crap!

"Hello mommy...."

"Ahhh yeah yeah hun I will call you back later."I blurted out than closed the phone, mentally taunting my self.

"Morning."He cackled, giving me that same glimmering look as I rolled my eyes.

"Did um did anything happen last night?" I asked, quickly uncovering my self and praying to be fully clothed but I was just in a baggy t-shirt and shorts, no bra.

Oh crap theres still a possibility.

"Yeah we had mind blowing sex last night.... more like until the sun came up but damn I didn't know you were that wild in bed."He snickered and my eyes grew wide as my cheeks heated up.

No way, its not possible.

"What?"I practically choked, saying that one word.

"Would you like me to go over every intimate detail or would you like to relive the moment."He winked, and I could see a smirk beginning to stitch to his face.

"Your a lier Ethan." I snorted and he chuckled stepping closer to sit on the bed.

"Ok fine you caught me we didn't have sex.....we just drunk a lot of red wine."He added with a smug look on his face.

"Ok than why did you sleep on the same bed as me?" I interrogated an he rolled his eyes, sighing.

"One you wanted me here, two theres only one comfortable bed, and three I did't have the strength to pull out the bed couch so if you were sober I would have slept on the rock like couch would you want that." He simp

quickly kneeled down to hug him.

"Hi mommy did you bring me anything in precise."He asked as I rolled my eyes opening my suit case to hand him his Seattle t-shirt.

Every time we would go anywhere or I would he would want a t-shirt so he can add it to his collection.

"Thanks mommy." He beamed as he ran to his room and James walked in

After calling Ethan many times and his phone would send me to voicemail, I called Diana and Angelina but there was no purpose.

"James I have to go somewhere can you watch Nate for a little while longer." I asked and he nodded his head which put a relief over my shoulders.

Within minutes I went to the toy store bought a teddy bear and was at the hospital desk.

"His can you please tell me where Avery Scott's room is." I asked the clerk who looked to be in her mid fifties, with square frame glasses and black hair with little grey strands.

"Room 105, ten blocks to your right " She said, with a tone of disgust but I didn't mind.

I walked in a bit of a speedy pace but I could hear my high heels slap against the white tiles.

I hope Avery is ok.

Once I finally reached the room the door was opened about an inch of the way to where I could see everything.

"Oh Ethan you have no idea how much I need you right now, how much I want you, how much I have been wanting you, how much I crave you my darling."She said, with lust clear in her voice and before I knew it there lips collided causing my heart to sink.


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