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   Chapter 41 NO.41

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River's POV

"Your joking right, you've got to be joking. Yeah it's a definite joke or I would have known."I mumbled and he chuckled resting his hand on his face.

"Im not joking."He assured with a stern face and I gave him a smug look.

"Were waiting for the actual owner now go away Ethan... wait aren't you supposed to be in Vancouver? What are you doing here?" I continued to argue as he sat there staring at me.

"No I am the owner of the hotel and I will prove it to you."He said slowly and I rolled my eyes."What's the name of our son-"

"Wait what so you two uh mmmm.....Ethan Scott is the father of your child?"Serenity asked with her eyes widening bigger than ever to this realization and I nodded."How come I never knew?"

"When we became friends Ethan was out of my life and I wish from now on I could see his face as little as possible but for some darn reason God is not making that possible." I admitted shaking my head.

"Well you never told me the father of your child was this moto moto."She explained wiggling her eyes brows and he looked at us in confusion.

"I've seen better, finer even." I lied so his ego wouldn't be boosted any higher."You were saying Ethan How are you the owner..."I quickly took my attention from Serenity and brought it back Ethan.

"Ok I am um leaving so you guy's can take your time and we can have the meeting tomorrow morning."Serenity explained getting up and walking towards the elevator.

"What's our son's full name?" He asked with a smirk and I rolled my eyes. I knew he loved saying and knowing that something combined us.

"Nathan Price...." I trailed off with a smile and his smirk became a frown, I did so in order to annoy him, so he ma

"What the hell did I not just drop you off at your room or you secretly want me."He smirked causing me to roll my eyes.

"No you wish.... as of now I don't have a room and don't ask why." I claimed while slightly scoffing in frustration.

"Why?"He asked furrowing his eye brow as I glared in his direction at the idiocy he contained." Um the hotel is packed I doubt we will find a room available but you can stay in room if you'd like." He suggested and I continued to glare at him.

That was a bad idea, no that was a very bad idea.

"No I'm not staying in the same room as you."I gasped, entering the elevator.

"Is it because you know you wouldn't last in the same premises as me without being all over me."He chuckled and I gawked as I released a deep breathe.

"Shut up Ethan."

"Oh yeah so where were we!"He exclaimed, pressing the stop button on the elevator while stepping closer to me with a mischievous look on his face and I felt my checks heat up as he caressed my check softly.


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