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   Chapter 39 NO.39

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River's POV

"Um... I gladly would have never interrupted this fine moment but you know the door bell is ringing and a you got mad last time I opened it without your permission."Nate laughed awkwardly and I quickly pulled away from Ethan's grip without taking a second to look at the expression on his face, walking towards the door.

I opened the door looking at directly ahead but there was no sight of anyone so I decided to close the door and midway I heard a bark causing me to jump.

I narrowed my gaze to find a golden retriever pup laying on our green door mat and before I knew it Nate was in front of me holding the dog.

"Please Mom can we keep it!!!!"Nate, exclaimed petting the pup and I simply smiled.

Ever since I was little I loved dogs but despised cats.I always felt like they had the devil hidden within them and found no reason what so ever to like them.

"You know puppy's are a lot of responsibility, right?"I questioned him to make sure he was up for it even though I knew James and I would be doing most of the work but I wanted him to get used to responsibility.

I did not want Nate to be one of those rich spoiled brats even though I knew his father, James, My mom, brother and Mateo will do exactly the opposite of what I tell them.

Ever since we were in high school James would always do what ever pleased him even if it meant violating the rules but if it wasn't for him I would have never got through juggling work with the house, and Nate.

"Ok fine but early in the morning, tomorrow before I leave we have to go to the vet and get all the supplies necessary for him to survive."I explained and he jumped for joy as Et

ou said not to enter your room and this is my room sooo...."He gave me a smirk walking slowly towards me.

Shit!! I knew he was going to do this. He always violates the rules.

"Ethan open the door!" I exclaimed as I tried to keep a stern look on my face.

"Is it because you know, you can't be in the same room as me without being all over this gorgeousness."He smiled slightly biting on his bottom lip.

Was it true, maybe.

No, no no no River don't let him play with your mind, I told myself.

It took me a while before I replied and each second I took longer somehow his smile widened even more.

"No thats not true."I said, bringing my lips inward of my mouth so I would not smile.

"Really."He replied, in seductive manner stepping closer as I stepped back.

"Mhmmm Hmmm." I nodded and he chuckled.

"Then why aren't you talking."He winked and I shrugged.

Before I knew it, I was against the wall with his lips against my neck.


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