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   Chapter 30 NO.30

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River's POV

Her response shocked me completely I was expecting her to say maybe or he has not made a move because that was usually her response but now it was never.

"And why not I mean he is making an effort to change and be around you guys more, "I explained, and she frowned.

"Its been almost two years since he left me River."She admitted rubbing her fingers on the counter.

"So what?"I questioned, glaring at her.She had to be joking that could not be the only reason unless."Oh, my cheesecake is he with another women or women."?" I chuckled and she playfully slapped my shoulder.

"No."She chuckled, her eyes roaming to the opposing direction." No no no no no no. Gosh, you catch it from a glimpse."She finally gave in pouting and I rolled my eyes.

"So thats it no more."I sighed, and she turned her head towards me.

"Yeah, no more."She said, devastatingly.

"Look at the bright side we both are single, young-"I beamed but as usual she had to interrupt.

"and contain baggage."She snickered and clicked my tongue at how pessimistic she was.

It was practically impossible to tell her something that would enlighten her, by the reason for her negative response. They made want to slap her across the face.

"What about you with Ethan."She asked and I shrugged my shoulders because I really did not know the answer to that one.

I really did not know the answer to this but I knew one thing, he can not come marching back into my life as if he did nothing because of him Nate is living without a father and that will give me the urge to stay away from him.


When I got home that night I laid there in bed thinking about that same question Violet asked me I turned and rolled for minutes maybe hours but nothing.

I really did not know if I still loved him or contained any feelings for him I just hoped that if he decided to re-enter my life, he would not hurt me like he once did.

After maybe a couple hours of sleep I got up washed my face and began my morning routine.

I soon walked to

uckling and she grinned.

"You really think so?"She asked beaming, wiping her tears.

"Girl I know so."I declared, slapping her shoulder playfully and she chuckled.


"Nate do you want to watch a movie, "I yelled from my room as I changed into a baggy grey California t-shirt and some yoga pants.

"Yeah."He yelled back, walking into my room playing on his iPad.

"What do you propose?"I asked, crossing my arms as he closed one eyelid giving a funny look.

"Finding Dori or The Incredibles."He asked, putting down his iPad.

"Oh, thats a tough one but how about we watch both."I smiled as his eyes beamed.

I figured let him get the last of his freedom before he starts school in mid-August.

"Really?"He jumped, his eyes widening as I chuckled. I loved to see my baby happy, his happiness meant my happiness.

"Really, "I said, grabbing the remote from my nightstand and then taking a seat on my bed as Nate snuggled in the blankets next to me.

Midway through Finding Dori he turned towards me and tapped on my shoulders.

"Mommy, why don't I have a dad?"He said, placing his tiny hands on my cheek.


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