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   Chapter 29 NO.29

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Diana's POV

Seeing River at the restaurant made my nerves pop I felt I was going to go jump her and surely I was.Emma followed her the minute she left out and I found out this is her location.

I know she did not live here but I was going to drag her to hell in front of everyone she knew.She needed to stay away from Ethan or this time I will kill her and not depend on someone else to do it.

If it was not for Mateo and his loyalty to pregnant women I would have been finished with her.I would have been done with her.

Every time I generate that fact it makes me want to kill them both.

"We need to talk."I roared and River jumped turning my way.

"What the hell do you want.Have you not had enough?"She yelled, standing up.

"No, I will not have enough until you get the hell out of Ethan's life, "I exclaimed, pushing her shoulder and she gave me the glare of death.

I always knew she had the devil hidden in her.

"Get. your. hands. off. of. me. and I did not go anywhere near your loyal man he came crawling back to me."She said, smirking while furrowing her eyebrow.

That was a deal breaker does she really think she can fight with me.My name is Diana and I will not settle for a whore that came from the streets.

"Who the hell do you think you are?"I nudged her shoulder and that started a fire in her eyes sadly her friend blocked her from showing her true colors.

"Im just stating the obvious I mean you were literally a block away and he was less than an inch away from my face about to kiss me but luckily I stopped him because of Im. know you would have taken that opportunity in a heartbeat, now get the hell out of my face, out of this room and o

is luscious brown locks and soon I was at the bar sitting at the stand.

"Hey sorry Im late."A high pitched voice said from behind me while tapping on my back and I turned to see it was Violet looking better than ever before.She had a sea-green skin tight dress that reached a little above the knees along with black heels and a black clutch.

"Damn Im jealous you look hot as hell, "I admitted, gazing her direction and she chuckled.

"Lier you look better."She accused rolling her eyes and I simply just grinned.

"So red wine or tequila."She asked, taking a seat right next to me.She knew my way to well since those two were my favorites.

"I do not want to be completely intoxicated because I have to drive so red wine is fine."I chuckled, and she glared.

"So are you and Mike getting back together?"I asked and sadness washed over her eyes.

"No."She croaked."Not now not ever."She raged, with pure hatred boiling between her hazel eyes.


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