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   Chapter 28 NO.28

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River's POV

"Are you frickin serious."I yelled with anger crossing every inch of my body."You excuse me for some shit I did not do and then 5 years later you come back-"

"Well."He interrupted as I rolled my eyes I pushed him back then walked out of the bathroom. I was not going to tolerate him for any longer. I was aggravated and I felt I was going to slap him.

I was glad I contained enough willpower to stay away from him and hopefully it was going to stay that way I did not want him getting anywhere near Nate without any intention of good.

I took a glance at the clock.

11:00 Damn I was already starving.

I walked back to the table but Andrew was on the phone once he saw me he stuck his index finger up to ensure I would not leave.

He then closed the phone and took a glance at me, "Im so sorry I have to leave my daughter is sick."He apologized, standing up and my eyes grew wide in shock.

"You have a daughter?"I questioned noticing the worry in his eyes.

"Yes her name is Alice, and without her mother, in her life, I have been trying my best to be both so I can not leave her with the nanny in this condition"He smiled trying to stay calm.

"I understand maybe some other time."I soothed, extending my arm as he shared it.

"Yes, of course, I will call you when Alice is feeling better. Do you need a ride?"He lamented, pointing his whole hand towards me.

"No Im fine I can walk, it's not even that far away, "I explained, rubbing my tummy.


on who is it? I mean he has to be important for you to keep putting the subject off."She practically hollered and this time my eyes widened.

"Would you hush gosh can you scream it out any louder I do not want Nate to hear."I shook my head out to make sure no one was listening.

"Ok now, who is it?"She whispered impatiently.

"His name is Ethan." I gulped."Ethan Scott."Right then her eyebrows went up and she placed a hand over her open mouth.

"What the...... hell bro you didn't."All I could do is shake my head in approval, no words attempted to escape my mouth because It was my mistake, my mistake to begin with."You and Ethan Scott did the sin."She squealed and I rolled my eyes."But I have to hand it to you he is one fine ass piece of work."

"We need to talk."A voice growled from behind me, causing me to jump.


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