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   Chapter 26 NO.26

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River's POV

5 Years Later

"Mommy, mommy are you up, "Nathan yelled, stomping to my room as I peeled my eyes open slowly to see him climbing on my bed, "Come on mommy I want to go to Jacobs."He yelled, jumping on my bed until I grabbed him and began to tickle him in his abdominal area as he giggled uncontrollably. Its where he was most ticklish and I loved to mess with him.

"Mama stop."He said, as his ocean blue eyes glistened with laughter.He reminded me so much of his father it scared me.

"Alright Nate let James fix you breakfast and I will go change."I cooed, placing multiple kisses on his cheek. Two years ago I got promoted to the CEO of 'Garcia' clothing line and since then I saved for this six bedroom joint. One room for each family member plus an extra.

Mom and Aiden went to New York because Aiden got into an Academy for High School.

Though expensive the Academy ensures the cost of tuition will be around fifteen thousand so he decided to go because he says he did not want to depend on me for every move and I was saddened by the fact he thought it was only my money but I was happy for him in the long run.After all, everything I have been working towards was for him, Nate and Mom.

"Mi Bebe Como estas.My baby how are you.""A voice said from a short distance, and directly from the accent, I knew it was Mateo.Mateo loved to teach Nate Spanish since we had Italian and Spanish descent in us.My grandmother was completely Spanish so he knew the language like the back of his hand.

"Estoy muy bein(I'm very good), " Nate replied, as Mateo grabbed him and smuggled a couple of kisses because he hated when Mateo kissed him multiple times even though I do it all the time.Why I had no idea. Maybe he's like his uncle it takes away his masculinity at four.

After I finished my morning routine, I opened my walk-in closet and began rummaging through f

plained, running my hands through my curly blonde hair, I would have stayed but you know-"

"Don't stress babe I got Nathan, " She said assuringly while smiling.

"Ok thanks, love."I beamed hugging Nathan than heading back to my car.Sooner than later I was inside the company and up the elevator.

"Good Morning Ms.Campbell."Mia my secretary said as I walked into my office.

"Morning Mia whats the agenda for today."I sighed, glancing at the stack of papers piled on my desk, and then sitting down in the chair that was in the center

"You have a meeting with the owner of Righteous Rights at 10:00, some papers to sign and everything else was moved to tomorrow as instructed am I mistaken."He reassured, glancing at his Ipad than my direction.

"Not at all, "I claimed dismissively as he walked out and shortly there was a loud knock on the door.

"Come in, "I exclaimed, narrowing my gaze at the Patterson file on my desk along with a pen in my right hand.

"Hello there River."A familiar masculine tone approached as I dropped the pin in shock and my gaze met his.


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