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   Chapter 24 NO.24

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Rivers POV

Right, when Emma came through the door I had a feeling there was something behind that smirk plastered on her face but it would be rude to kick her out.

"You may come in."I smiled forcefully just to be nice and I felt she did the same when she rolled her eyes, then smiled.I lead her past the main entrance and behind the first door on the right was the living room filled with luxurious furniture.

"I'm here to tell you something about Ms-"

"You can call her Diana in my presence I mean it's not like she's here."I snapped as she cleared her throat and then finally spoke.

" ......doe.... s not know I am here."

" You secret is buried down under"I assured." You may proceed."I crossed my legs and gave her my undivided attention even though I did not trust her.

"Diana is pregnant by Ethan."She whispered with her chestnut brown eyes roaming, she played with a strand of her brown hair before standing up to leave without another word.

All of a sudden I felt my breath shorten. I was astonished. This could not be happening it just was not physically possible.

Who's the bad guy in this situation? Is it me. Its got to be me.

"This is not possible.It can not be possible ."I was yelling at the top of my lungs.I could not take it anymore.It was too much to take It felt like something was blocking me from breathing but before I could bre

tart a new life together with its away from the problems, somewhere we can raise our son and future kids together.Somewhere we can go grown old together and see our kids grow. It's a way for me to see you every morning and tell you-you are beautiful without a doubt."He smiled while looking me in the eyes as he pulled out small dark black box revealing a diamond ring."River Campbell will you marry me."

He took me by surprise but it made butterflies work there way up my stomach.

"Yes."I gushed."Yes and a million times yes." I shouted as he slid the ring on my left ring finger and then took me into his embrace.

"I love you." He said while burying his head in my neck.

"I love you too."


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