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   Chapter 23 NO.23

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Ethan POV

I couldn't believe what I heard it was unreal it shocked me to a point I was going to collapse on the ground.I could not believe her I knew that this was impossible. For over eight years we could not have a child and now after I contain no feelings for her, no emotion after I dislike her and her ways. After what was hidden behind the facade came out she was pregnant. This was unbelievable. I had to get to the bottom of this I knew Diana was untrustworthy so I grabbed her arm and took her to the nearest hospital.

"Ethan what the hell do you think you are doing ."She asked, shaking her head in anger and I chuckled slightly.

"Well, you say your pregnant did you not?"I asked, stopping outside of the building and she locked eyes with me in more rage than ever.

"Yes I did and I am not afraid of the test-"

"Alright then prove it, "I said squinting my eyes while pointing at her.

"Your gonna regret this I swear by it."She hissed, going into the hospital while I followed right after her.

"Im sure....... I will." I retorted with a smirk plastered on my face all the way into the Obsterction's room.

"Hello, my name is Dr.Greyson how may I help you today?"She smiled, while examining us through her cat-shaped lenses.

"We are here for an ultrasound, " I said beating Diana to it.

"Ok."She said opening the curtain


"Please think about Ethan does not care about you trust me."I opined brushing my lips against her cheek walking the opposite direction.

Rivers POV

I was beginning to get frustrated by Andrew and thank goodness he did not stay any longer because I would have stuck a dagger to his heart.I walked into the house and a few minutes later the doorbell rang.I opened it to see young women about mid height with brown eyes and dark brown hair.

"Hello, my name is Emma I am here to talk to you about a few important details that do a part in Ms. Richmond's life."She grimaced.

"May I ask who that is."

" Diana."


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