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   Chapter 22 NO.22

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Diana's POV

For the past twelve weeks, I would sit on my bed and stare at the ceiling. Every time I tried to rationalize what my mother and I planned on doing to River I felt like it was me who was going to kill but the truth is all we were doing is helping the killer.

I stood there and gazed at my facial features as I reordered what happened that day.

"My name is Mateo Garíca, " he said extending his muscular arm towards me while examining me with his dark brown eyes.

"Diana......."It took me a while to process that soon enough my last name will no longer be Scott before I replied, "Diana Richmond."I smiled ushered for him to take a seat as I looked at his file, "What do you have against River?"I asked pressing my lips together.

"She is the reason for my brother's death, " He replied, with fire piercing through his eyes."How are you her uncle?" I asked.

"Yes, we have the same mother different fathers.I want to kill her and make her family suffer, " he replied with venom in his words.

"Thats fine by me, "I announced giving him a dour look."You may leave now."

I genuinely did not care for River I just wanted her to disappear from my life and if this was the way to do it than gladly.

Ethan POV

These past 10 weeks have been like a dream. We have been living in peace with no doubts or regrets.During my free time, I would take River out because I knew after she had our baby she was barely going to have time to breathe especially with school and all.

Right now I was at the company preparing to leave I was going to take her out to the movie theater.What kept me going is knowing

e to River and the day all my troubles end.I walked into the court building with my head held high waiting for Diana outside of the courtroom and soon Diana walked in with a smirk plastered on her face.

If I was not married to her for ten years I would have said she was happy but no that was the look.The look she gave when she had something bad planned.She wore on a black blouse with a black and white flower pencil skirt along with a light jacket and a clutch in her right arm.

"Good morning Ethan."She chirped smiling with her eyes glowing.

"You ready to go in?"I asked impatiently.

"Ethan I have to tell you something but I do not want you to take it the wrong way." She gave a coy smile patting me on the hand.

"Ok, " I mumbled petrified by her next words.

"Im pregnant."


Hello My Babies

So do you think Diana is lying or telling the truth???

Better yet who's the baby daddy?


I absolutely love hearing what you think.

Until Next Time My Darlings


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