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   Chapter 21 NO.21

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Ethan's P.O.V

I awoke with the sun shining brightly onto my heavy-lidded eyes. I resented mornings ever since I was a youngster but today was different and that reason was River. Of course I was also excited to know the gender of our baby and hopefully today we were going to find out.

I walked into the bathroom took a quick shower and in a matter of minutes, I was out looking fresh like a baby's bum so I decided to call River hoping she did not forget or even worse was still sleeping.It rung a few times and a finally heard a hello but it wasn't then I'm excited to hear from you hello it was the beaten down and tired hello.

"Good Morning angel did I wake you, "I ask, grabbing my wallet off of my dresser.

"Oh, good morning and no you didn't." She says yawning and I roll my eyes in disbelief.

"Did you forget?"

"Forget what?"

"You literally forgot what today is?"

I never thought I would get to this point in my life where I remember all the important things but It was worth it because she made me feel like the happiest man on this earth.

"We have a doctors appointment today babe and that-" she quickly cuts me off and I simply just smirk.

"Oh, crap I'm really sorry Ethan."

"Its alright I understand you have a lot on your plate."

"No you are too sweet I should never have forgotten something like this ."She trails off and I hear some shuffling in the background. "The appointment is at ten right."

"Yup so that means you have less than thirty minutes to look ten times hotter than you already do, " I say, chuckling and she laughs sarcastically.

"How can I look hot when I look like a hippo."She asked, tauntingly and I frown because she did not look like a hippo. She was overexaggerat

yells and I quickly turn to see my mother stalking towards me as her black designer heels made clinging noises every centimeter she moved toward me.

Her blonde hair was cut right above the shoulders and she wore a dark purple dress that came right above the knee one centimeter and hugged her curves while she held a black clutch.By the glimmer in her, grey eyes you could tell she was more relaxed now that her third divorce was final.

"I was worried sick."She says finally after reaching me.

"I'm fine Mother its just I'm tired of that yellow snake River always finding a loophole for everything, "I yell.

"Oh, baby that's what I am here for." She says handing me a file and then a really tall, buff guy with shaggy brown hair enters

"Who is this mother?"I asked, looking at her like she was insane.

" This is Rivers uncle."She replies looking at me in a devious manner, "He has come to get his revenge."


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