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   Chapter 19 NO.19

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Diana's P.O.V

I could not believe what was happening one minute Ethan and I were happy and the next we are on the verge to divorce all because of that bitch River. If she thinks a divorce will break apart our love then she has another thing coming for her that's for sure but tonight I wasn't going to stress it because I was going out with my friends and I wanted to get drunk as well as forget everything in the process.

We were currently being lead to our table by a waiter to the second floor near the ocean view, but right when I took a seat my phone began to ring in my clutch I pulled it out to find Emma was the one calling so I step away from the table to take the call.

"What do you want Emma did I not-"She interrupts me before I say anymore.

" They're here, " she says with fear laced in her words.

"I do not have the damn time to play the guessing game say what you have or leave me be, "I whisper yell.

" Third floor, Ethan, and River."She says and I immediately close my phone and take the nearest elevator to find them sitting there looking into each other's eyes with a smile on each of their faces.

With all the possibilities running through my head my heart began to ache as a tear slipped from my cheek.I couldn't take it anymore so I ran.

I ran to the closet bar near me which was a hotel's and I ordered two shots of tequila.

I needed s

s is the best gift anyone has got me.Well ah good night, " I smile opening the door of his car.

"River, " Ethan said, pulling my arm gently. I turn to look him in the eyes as he quickly lowers me in for a kiss that soon becomes an explosion in my mouth the deeper his tongue lowers in and before we knew it, it was almost impossible to break away. It was like trying to pull two polar magnets away from each other even though they are unable to be pulled apart and everyone realizes there inseparable even though they are two complete opposites. I pull back quickly trying to catch my breath and then walk out without another word.





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