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   Chapter 14 NO.14

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Diana's POV

Ethan came out of the bathroom with his eyes roaming the club as if he was looking for something in particular, my suspicion was confirmed when his eyes landed on River.

I knew him long enough to know that look well, it was clearly the look of lust, maybe even adoration I refused to believe it was love but what hurt me the most was the fact it was for another woman. A part of me realized it was bound to happen from point to another because of what I did to him but my heart refused to believe it in any way shape or form.


I anxiously roamed from one direction of my friend's examination room to the next as my heart pounded loudly against my ribcage.

I was scared, scared to be pregnant at the tender age of twenty.I wasn't even finished with college. My life would be over and I couldn't do much about it if I was.

The knocking on the door stole me out of my train of thoughts and just as I turned I came face to face with a very joyful Irene.

I smiled and held my head up high hoping for good news, "Congratulations Diana you're five weeks pregnant!"The smile became a frown as I gripped the nearest chair and sat down.

This wasn't happening.

This couldn't be happening.

I had to fix this.

look appeared on his face."Did you or did you not abort my child?"

"Et...Ethan I -"

I could see he was truly hurt."Don't you dare lie because I know everything."He yelled, pulling a bunch of pictures and my hospital records to throw them in my face.

"Were you tracking me?"I asked, and he rolled his eyes.

He gasped, "Oh my gosh I am astonished on how you make every little thing about you.You are a conceited bitch because you killed my child without even thinking twice about it and without even consulting me. For all, I know that could have been my only chance at fatherhood and for that I thank you."He pointed an accusing finger at me and turned to leave.


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