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   Chapter 13 NO.13

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Diana's POV

I walked down the staircase to find Ethan standing there with River in the living room. So I decided to join them.

"What's going on, " I asked, picking up a book off of the sofa so I could sit on it?

"River will be staying with us and if anyone asks we will say she is a friend. I will explain to you later Diana, " He said, giving me a stern look and I simply nodded.

He was off lately, he no longer kissed me and rarely ever acknowledged me.

"How are you doing River, " I asked, and she put a strand of her dirty blonde hair behind her ear?

"I'm doing fine, " she smiled, warmly.

"Good to know, " I said standing up, " let me show you your room."

"Ok since you two are getting along perfectly I am going to work." Ethan smiled at River.

Which got me thinking the worst but I let my mind not wander.

He would never do that.

I took her up the stairs and onto the second floor near my room since the house was three floors.We walked down the hallway and finally got to the guest bedroom.

"This is your room and I will call Jenny to come help you organize your stuff, " I explained, patting her on the shoulder.

"Ahh, I actually I do not want anyone to help me. It's a really simple task actually." She shook her head and I decided to let her do what she wants because I couldn't stand her presence.

"Ok, " I replied, nodding my head as my phone vibrated in my pocket.I slid it out and answered already knowing it was Emma.I asked her to do background research on River.

I did not trust her one bit.

"Hello, "I answered steadily walking out the room so River would not suspect a thing.

"Mrs.Scott I want to see you in person to tell you what I found out. I am at the cafe near the hospital, " she said jittering from fear and I felt nearly ready to explode any minute.

"You have been on this case for two weeks what have you been doing, "I asked, climbing into the car?

"Mam I think I should really see you in person, " She answered for the second time nervously.

"Ok ok, " I replied, angrily pulling up to the cafe, grabbing my back from the passenger's seat and heading into the cafe.

I sat right across from her before crossing my arms."Talk now because Ethan will be back soon."

"Ok.I suspected that you and River have the same biological mother, " she answered in a clam down and my jaw literally dropped.

"What?No, " I replied, and she pulled out a file with the DNA test results.

Looking at the paper made my head spin.

My parents never even mentioned the fact that I was adopted.

"Ahh are... You— sure, "I asked, trying to hold on to the table and she nodded.

"Your father and biological mother Jeanine were in love back when they were high school but because they were not of the same social class their families separated them and by then she had given birth to you.Then your father was forced to marry your adopted mother.Yo

into her ear, "I want you, I need you River.Let me have you, " I asked, brushing my lips against hers she responded rather quickly as our lips moved in sync she grabbed the collar of my shirt pulling me closer to her as I softly bit her bottom lip evoking her to moan.

She was going to be the death of me.I knew that for sure.

I inserted my tongue into her mouth slowly and our tounges collided as we both fought for dominance soon enough she gave up and I took this chance to explore her heavenly mouth every centimeter felt better and sweeter. It was as if I were in need of River to breathe as if I was in need of her to survive. My heart rate was accelerating greatly as my skin prickled.I couldn't even remember the last time it felt this good just kissing someone and I had to have more.

I pulled back only because of the urgent need for her to breathe but if it was up to me I would have never parted her pleasurable lips.I began to place butterfly kisses on every inch of her neck and soon enough she put her hand on the back of my head tugging at my hair pulling me closer to her neck as she released another pleasurable moan but when I finally reached her breast she pulled back pushing me away, "Ethan we can't you're married."

"It's not like we haven't before.I mean our child is evidence."I smirked, taking a step closer to inhale her cherry scented hair.

"No, no I can not, we can not.Not now. Not ever, " She replied, shaking her head while straightening her dress.

This was bad for me because it only made my attraction to her increase uncontrollably.This made me want her more than ever and I was surely going to make her mine.


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