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   Chapter 12 NO.12

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Rivers POV

I woke up feeling really drowsy with a headache the mass of New Zealand itself.I was laying on a dusty maroon colored couch in what seemed to be the living room based on the amount of sunlight the area was receiving and a granite table full of mouth-watering foods in the center but I did not dare to extend my arm.

"Oh, your awake dear."He smiled rubbing my cheek gently but I backed away with fear.

When was Andrew going to give up and let me live my life in peace away from him?

"When will you understand I do not love you. I will never love you, " I yelled trying to get my point across but all I received was a hard slap in the face.

"I did not want to hurt you River but you left me no choice, " he said brushing his finger against my cheek.

"I hope you rot hell, Andrew, "I replied, gritting on my teeth.

He took a handful of my hair and began to tug on it.

"What did I just say, " he asked with piercing eyes the size of a shark?

He was insane. I had to get out of here and quickly before he does anything to my child.

"Please let me go, "I cried, " Please you're hurting me, Andrew." I tried to pull back my arm from his hurtful grip.

Before I could s

"I have to find a house and work to occupy my time since I am not past the first trimester, " I said shaking my head.

"The house will be ready in a week or two and the job is not needed River."

"Yes, it is. I get bored quickly, " I wined, like a child.

"Do you have a career or certain area you're practicing in, " he asked, looking at me then back at the road.

"No my family did not have enough money so I dropped out right before completing my bachelor's degree."

"Oh that's sad."He said, pulling up into there mansion driveway.


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