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   Chapter 10 NO.10

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Ethan's POV

"Fine."She replied while rolling her eyes and then making her way into the car.

"It's not the city named hospital it's the one near the bridge."She informed me and in less than fifteen minutes we pulled up into the hospital driveway.

Once I parked the car River ran out quickly and I tried to catch up to her.

"Can you please tell me the room Jeanine Campbell is in?"She asked the young women at the desk which I assume was the secretary.

The women kneeled her head to scan the computer and then finally pulled up her head slowly like we have all day.

"Jeanine Campbell is in room seven hundred twenty-three.That is on the ninth floor."The women replied in a calm tone while smiling but River ran before she could notice and I thanked her before I ran behind River.

When I caught up to her she was pressing the elevator buttons like a complete maniac and I tried to back her away because what she was doing was only hurting her but she moved her hands away while giving me a death stare. Once we reached the room Rivers mother was being taken for a checkup along with two other policemen and I stood far but not too far so if something happens I will be there hopefully.

"Mom... Are you ok?"She asked, as a tear fell down her rosy cheek but she quickly wiped it away.

"River you are a disappointment to me.I expected more from you. How could you do this? How could you have a relationship with a married man?" Her mother asked, turning her head. For a second River looked confused but then she flashed a look at me that scared the daylight out me personally.

Her mother was talking about me. But wait River and I do not have a relationship. If anyone heard this woman talking my days as a businessman were over.

"No... no mother- you clearly do not understand-" River began to breathe heavily.

"I don't want to hear it."Her mother motioned her hand for the doctor to take her.

"No.. Mom..No, please... Please.Let me explain."She begged and then immediately fainted which caused her to stumble and I quickly ran to catch her before she fell.

"River."I yelled while caressing her cheeks.She did not even flinch.

This got me to panic heavily.

"Can someone help me?"I practically screamed across the hall and a couple of nurses and a doctor rushed over to me.

"What happened?" A petite mid aged doctor asked looking at me like I did something and I should be charged an execution.

"She was talking to her mother than she suddenly fainted, "I replied while they lifted River to a hospital bed.

Then the thought finally registered in my brain.

Damn it I should have stopped her before she got upset.

"There might be a slight chance she's pregnant and I do not want anything happening to the baby let alo

."My mother lied about Diana being able to reproduce a baby but the file was there.Why would she do this to me?"He asked looking at me as if I would give him the answer."She knew about everything that happened to you yet she still went on with the process?"

" I have no idea, "I claimed, looking at the ground.

"I am so sorry River. I swear I am if I knew this I would have never done this. I thought you just had your eye on my money, " He said grabbing my hand gently to stroke it.

My eyes widened, "You did not know this, " I asked in shock?

"No I assure you I did not, " he replied, shaking his head."Come on let's go."

We walked to the car, got in and soon we were back on the road.

"Hearing the heartbeat was beautiful thank you, " he smiled warmly.

"What are you thanking me for?"

"For doing this for agreeing to this despite your condition River. Thank you, " He said, stopping at the driveway of the house I was staying in.

Once he left I entered the house only to see Andrew was standing there staring at me in the look I resented the most.

"What are you doing here and how the hell did you get in, "I said anger rushing through me all he could do was chuckle and I felt like taking the nearest knife and stabbing him with it?

"Answer me you idiot, " I yelled.

"I came to get you, my love, " he said grabbing my hand gently?

"Get me why would I go with you? Don't you understand I don't want you, "I said moving my hand away from him?

"You will want me, baby, trust me you will." He shoved a napkin in my face and within seconds my vision was suddenly blurring.


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