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   Chapter 9 NO.9

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Rivers POV

I do not know how I was living these past few weeks. I could not sleep at all and every time I would close my eyes I would remember that horrifying night and would wake up with sweat dripping down my neck.

My brother did the surgery about two weeks ago and now we are doing sessions of chemotherapy. I honestly can not wait until the doctor tells me I can take him home because all the hell I have been through would be worth seeing my little brother smile.

I was daydreaming of that day when I was interrupted by the ring of my phone.I looked at the caller ID only to realize it was the devil's spawn. I battled myself on whether or not I should answer because I really did not want to talk to him but in the end I did.

"Hello, " I said with venom in that one word because I honestly wanted to jump on the phone and kill him.Then watch his blood fill the ground.

"My mother and Diana want to talk to you."He replied, in an emotionless way which caused me to burst immediately into flames.

"Ok, why the hell are you telling me this, " I yelled.

"Because I'm coming to pick you up and watch your tone around Diana. If you keep talking like that eventually she will find out and if she does I will be using that same tone with you."He barked, causing me to huff a deep breath.

"Alright, I am at the house your Mom rented."I informed him because I did not want to continue this conversation any longer or I think the minute he arrives I will murder him.Day by day minute by minute hate has filled my heart towards that man.

"Ok fifteen minutes and I will be there."He replied, in a harsh tone. I hope he dies somehow before these fifteen minutes come. Ahh, this man is going to give me a stroke before I even have his baby imagine after I probably might as well commit suicide.

I walked to my closet and began to search for my clothes. I was going for I hope you go to h

es were filled with pain, pain that was indescribable.Her eyes were filled with more pain than anyone can possibly hold at one moment.

"I have to go to the hospital?"She sobbed and slid past me to get out.


"My mother...her tired and now she is in... the hospital and I - I have to go."She walked out but I grabbed her wrist which caused her to stumble on me. Her eyes met mine and for a split second, I could see how pure her heart was.I could see and read her more clearly than ever but she got up quickly and I did as well.

"I can go by myself. I do not need your help and I do not want my mother to see you."She rambled, pointing her finger towards my chest.

"But-"I tried to reason with her but of course being as stubborn as always she interrupted.

"No."She replied, quickly to quick.

God this women is stubborn as hell. I honestly praise the man that is going to put up with her and I am glad it's not me.

"Just let me take you please, " I begged, her eyes met mine for a split second but she quickly averted my gaze and looked directly at the ground.


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