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   Chapter 7 NO.7

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Ethan's POV

I was sleeping in a sound and heavenly sleep when suddenly I felt the urge to throw up so I ran straight to the toilet and emptied the content of my stomach.

I looked up to see a shadow behind me.

"Honey is it the morning sickness again."A high pitched voice said, from behind me and I turned to see Diana.

" Diana how the hell can it be morning sickness I'm not pregnant ..." I roared, rolling my eyes. and she patted my shoulder very gently.

I walked to the sink and splattered water on my face, I then took a glance at myself in the mirror and saw my stomach was huge.

My eyes widened at how hideous my image was, I was in a dirty, baggy t-shirt along with baggy shorts, my hair looked like I have not brushed it or showered it for month's and acne practically covered my whole face.I did not want to go back to those horrid days as a teen.

"Oh goodness no no no ahhhh ahhhh this cannot be happening, "I yelled, walking around the bathroom with my feet barely carrying me.

"Don't stress honey it's not good for the babies."She whispered, patting my stomach gently.

What the fuck did she say, babies? Damn, how many are there?

" No no no no no, " I yelled backing away from her touch but she stepped closer so I stepped back eventually hitting the wall.

I awoke and sweat was dripping down every inch of my body.

I got up and quickly ran to the mirror to observe my image and I wasn't pregnant. I still had my eight pack, there were no pimples on my skin and my dark brown hair was still glowing.Thank goodness.

I walked back to my bed but right before I can sit I heard rapid knocking on the door.

"Open up... open up." A voice yelled as the knocking continued.

"Whats wrong?"I asked, yawning as I opened the door.

" Your sister Mary she got an asthma attack."My mother explained, with her eyes centered on the ground.

" What?" Was all I could say.

I was in shock she was perfectly fine last night. How on Earth did this happen?

"Ok, ok ok I'm coming. I'm coming, just let me change." I said as she walked out and I closed the door. I glanced at the time, two thirty am' and then glanced at my bed, Diana was still sleeping and I didn't want to wake her peaceful slumber.

So I walked into my closet put on a plain white t-shirt, jeans, and Nike running shoes. If it was a normal day I would have taken my time but I was in a rush. I grabbed my iPhone and ran out.

I took the first car in sight which was the Cadillac Escalade I hoped in and my mother sat in the passenger's seat.

" What caused this to happen, mother?" I asked, clenching my right fist so hard my veins popped out?

" We were.....uh talking suddenly began hypravalnatieg."She sighed stuttering and it was quite obvious she was hiding something because she didn't answer my question.

" Mother I asked the damn cause not how?"I yelled, glaring at her and she avoided to make any eye contact with me.

" I do not know it happened out of nowhere."She cried turning her head the other direction once again to avoid me.

Who the hell was she fooling a five-year-old I knew asthma attacks just do not just occur out of the blue.

"Mom tell me the truth or the whole surrogate shit will be over with here and now, " I demanded knowing she would eventually splurge.

"She overheard the doctor and I talking about the surrogate mother and she asked if your father knew? I, of course, told her no and she threatened to tell him if I didn't go back on the idea. She says it will make you miserab

he sonogram she's going to know, " I said, aggravated by my mother's actions.

" No, she will not you and River are going to bring me a grandchild into this world."She said making me furrow my eyebrows in confusion.

Clearly, she had lost it.

"What?"I asked, in confusion?

" River agreed to sleep with you for the money. She agreed to the terms that she will not be apart of the child's life after it is born."She said motioning her hands and for the second there I thought she had definitely lost it, clearly she wasn't thinking straight.

She wanted me to cheat on my wife.

I honestly couldn't take it anymore.

There was no way. River agreed to this. She was too innocent, too pure.

My brain did not want to accept it.

"The girl knows I'm married mother why the hell would she agree and besides what about Diana?"

" She will never know this is the only way our bloodline can continue and Diana will be the mother of the baby, as for River she agreed to all my conditions because she wanted the money."She looked away before stating."Honey, you know whores of today will do anything for a couple of dollars."She acted as if she felt sympathy for me but I knew my mother she felt anything but sympathy.

All I could think of was River.

How could she do this?

She acted so innocently.

"I can not do this. This idea is bizarre. No, I will not." I said getting up.

" Ok, Ethan if you do not have this baby I will expose your whore of a wife.She would not be able to go out to the public without being harassed."She gritted her teeth, pointing at me. I could not believe she was threatening me.

"You're threatening me. I'm your son and you're threatening me?" I replied, in shock.

" Call it what you want Ethan once you hold you're son in your hands you will see how good the feeling is, " Rage was overpowering me."Just one night.One night."She said putting her index finger up.


"She is in the guest house."

After that pleasant threat by mother, I went to go drink a couple of glasses of bourbon and then headed to the guest house.


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