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Diana's P.O.V

I honestly couldn't stand it anymore.Nothing had been the same when I found out I couldn't conceive my own child a couple years back.It made me dread my life completely.

I was tired, tired of how people glared at me and pointed as if I committed a shameful sin.

I needed to find a way to have children. I was desperate and was afraid Ethan was going to leave me for someone more young, beautiful and someone who can give him children.

I love him more than myself so I will not allow some women to snatch him from me. I was tired of trying everything.

The only people who knew about my condition were Ethan and my mother and I wanted it to stay that way.

Today before Ethan got back I was going to see a doctor that my mother suggested.She ranted for hours on the miracles this doctor made.So after careful consideration, I hoped in my car, buckled my seat belt and started the engine with high hopes of a miracle.? ? ?

"I'm so sorry Mrs.Scott there's no possible way. You can't reproduce."Dr. Kirby looked at me with sympathy washing over her eyes but I didn't want sympathy I wanted a baby, a biological baby.Was that so hard. Was it an impossible task to ask for.

"I need something new. I need you to tell me I can reproduce. I need you tell me that one day I can put my baby in my arms and rock him to sleep, " I demanded, trying to hold back my tears. I couldn't stand it anymore.Every time it was the same result, not a one-word difference.

"There's gotta be some other way, " I whispered, staring at the doctor.

"There always adoption and a surrogate mother."She announced, trying to keep a smile.

Once I heard surrogate something in me lit up from happiness.I didn't even know why this had not occurred to me before.

"So I can have a biological child just I can't get pregnant, "I explained, with happiness overcoming every inch of my body.

"Exactly."She beamed and I was almost going to dance in her office but stopped myself because I knew I was going to appear as a lune.

"Thank you, " I spoke, happily.

I left the doctors office and went to a store not too far from the hospital. It was called Little ones a place that sells baby clothes.

Once I laid eyes on the baby clothes. I couldn't choose.

There were so many cute outfits. I wanted to buy the whole store.

I saw a cute yellow onesie that said My mommy is my idol and I just had to grab it along with twenty others. I grabbed three pairs of shoes along with an ocean baby soother.

I could not believe that after all these years I was going to have a baby.? ? ?

Once I exited my car Ethan's mother was eyeing me strangely. There was something about Angelina that that gave me the creeps I just didn't know until then.

"I need to talk to you."She said, furrowing her eyebrows.

"What about?" I questioned, her glare meeting my gaze.

But she did not say a word she just walked and I followed her into her room upstairs. She locked the door two times then turned to face me.

" Why didn't you tell me?"She asked, folding her arms.

"Tell you what exactly?" I asked, confusion crossing my face as I still tried to maintain a smile.

"That you cannot have children."She replied ever so blandly, her dark brown eyes meeting mine.

" How the hell did you know about that?" I hissed with anger overcoming me.

I didn't want anybody else on this earth to know especially Angelina. She tends to have s big mouth when it comes to these situations.

"Did you really think you can hide this from me?" She growled, and my temper was on the verge of exploding.

Right then something hit me. It was a great moment to sneak in. The reason is being Ethan listens to his mother even though her ideas can be quite absurd. He loves her and hates to upset her. I needed to convince her some way.

" I have a way." I blurted, my eyes roaming from one direction to the next.

"What?"She looked at me in confusion.

" A surrogate mother it's the only way."I grasped her hand to make it seem more persuading.

"Diana, you can't be serious?"I shook my head as she observed me cl


" I am.I've been trying for years now hasn't worked but this will work I'm sure of it. All we need to do is convince Ethan." I begged, desperately. I needed this. This was the only way.

"I will but you know Ethan he can be stubborn at times so don't get your hopes too high." She replied, grinning.

"Oh thank you, Mother. Thank you." I said, hugging her.

"I'm doing this so the Scott bloodline can continue." She replied laughing and I chuckled holding back my tears.

I walked out to my room to find Ethan's jacket on our bed.

"Ethan, are you here baby?" I questioned, yelled, to make sure.

"Yeah, I'm in the bathroom."He replied, wrapping a towel around his pelvis and my mouth nearly dropped at the sight of his mouth watering abbs.

I could never get tired of it all of it. He was handsome. Thirty-one and he still managed to look as hot as the first time we met. I wrapped my hands around his neck and leaned in for a kiss that got deeper by the second, he then moved his lips from mine and began to trail kisses down my neck.

But no matter how damn tempting his body was I had to stand back.

"I need to talk to you." I stepped away from him and he smirked.




Ethan's POV

"You can not be serious Diana?" I yelled, glaring at her as her eyes roamed from one direction to the next.

I thought the idea she had was completely bizarre. It doesn't even generate great through the human mind.

"Please, Ethan. Please, I really want this baby more than anything." A tear fell from her bright blue eyes as she fell slowly to the ground.

"Diana please don't do this. Please. This will not bring us together this will only set up apart. I swear I love you even if we can not have kids." I explained, motioning my hands and then decided to take a seat next on the ground, next to her.

"No, I want this baby. Please, I want it badly." She begged and I rolled my eyes. She was acting like a child. She acted as if the world will end here which it won't I could assure her.

" Diana I made my decision and its final I. don't. want. a.child, " I explained, standing up straight and then walking out the door, only to see my mother standing with her arms crossed.

" You have to do this Ethan.It is the only way we will have an heir to the company." She demanded, nearly devouring me with her eyes.

I should have known.I should've known my mother was the root of this foolishness.

"Mother my business is none of your concern, " I replied, gritting my teeth.

I hate when my mother put's her nose in other people's business, especially mine. It just makes all the blood rush to my head and I feel like I want to hit the nearest thing but I couldn't because it was Diana's fifteen thousand dollar vase and that made me blow up even more.

"Son look at me your sister is too old and Kennan is a doctor so the Scott family heir line is doomed. This is the only solution, my baby."She explained, grabbing my hand and placing it on top of hers.

"Mother, please. You...." but I was speechless I couldn't say anything. I should've stopped it somehow but I couldn't. I just stood there and like the idiot I was I agreed.Yup agreed.

"Fine but if one thing goes wrong, the whole plan is shut down and I don't want hear a thing about it after."I claimed, barring my hands in my face.

"Whatever you say honey and I will find a suitable girl." I could feel and see her trying not to smile.

I couldn't believe I was still on my two feet. I was shocked at how quickly the conversation went from a firm no to a yes.

I walked back to my room to see Diana was right where I'd left her.

"Yes Diana, " I said, and she gazed at me with confusion swarming her eyes.

"What?"She asked looking at the ground then back at me.

"I agree to do the damn surrogate bull."I barked, completely annoyed that I agreed with this shit and she embraced me.


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