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   Chapter 4 NO.4

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River's POV

"And why not?"He asked, his tone suddenly raising.

I looked him straight in the eyes and gave him the are you for real look.Clearly, he was testing my patience.

"Oh, I see you think you're too good for him."He chuckled maliciously before flashing a murderous look.

I scrunched my nose in disgust" I do not want to marry him.It doesn't get any simpler than that."Right, when the words escaped my mouth I received a slap across my face.

He grabbed me by the hair and made me look him in the eyes, "Do you want to marry Andrew?"

"Never, "I replied, loud enough for him to hear.

He slapped me once more across the face and dragged me to the storage room by my hair.

I had to admit it hurt like a bitch but no matter what he did to me I wasn't going to get enter a loveless marriage with an idiot like Andrew so my Mom and brother could suffer while my worthless example of a father drinks, gambles, fucks one of his whores and comes back occasionally depending on his mood.

"Ok fine you want to act stubborn you're not leaving this storage room until the morning and hopefully your answer changes by then."He said, closing the door and making sure to lock it.

He was in for the shock of his life because I wasn't going to change my answer.I had a feeling deep down there was something behind all this he was practically forcing me to marry Andrew.

Its either the bastard threatened him or he's in debt to him which wouldn't surprise me one bit because I've always had to pay off his debts that's the main reason I dropped out of college.




Before I knew it morning rolled around and he unlocked the door dragging me out by my hand.

"So do you want to marry Andrew?"He asked, placing his hands on his hips.

"No, " I replied, standing up and dusting my self off.

"Ok."He smiled and I felt a sense of relief wash over me but when I saw him pull out a gun my eyes widened because I knew what his intentions were.

I couldn't call anyone because I don't have a pho

ne he only had one and if I yelled it wouldn't make much of a difference because he would lie about the reason.

He always did.

Needless to say, I was doomed.

My heart was beating at a million miles a minute.

He wouldn't do it would he?

I was his daughter for fuck's sake!

He pulled the hammer and aimed it straight at my forehead but before he could pull the trigger a loud pong echoed the house before he fell face flat on the ground with blood pouring out into a poodle from his skull.

I looked up to see my mother standing there with countless tears running down her cheeks as she began to hyperventilate the pan slipped from her hands.

I quickly ran up to him and placed two fingers on his neck so I could check for a pulse.

But there was nothing.

"He's dead, " I said, with no emotion what so ever.

Her eyes widened, "He was going to kill you and I-I-I was panicking and-"

"Mom we have to get out of here as soon as possible. Grab what you need and all the money we have stored."She shook her head and I ran to my room to pull out the eight hundred dollars I was saving up for this month's bills as well as a bag for my clothes.I shoved what I could in there and left the rest.

"Mom if you and Aiden are ready go through the back door, " I ordered, and hopefully she understood I didn't want Aiden seeing any of this.

"Yeah."She yelled, and I quickly followed behind.

We walked a couple of blocks and finally, we reached the bus station, I paid for our tickets and handed one to my mother and Aiden.

She examined the ticket before looking back at me, "We're going to San Fransico?"My Mom asked, visibly gulping and I shook my head.

I knew she had bad memories there but it was the farthest our money could take us.


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