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   Chapter 2 NO.2

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River's POV

There was a reason or reasons behind all the mess that began and yes it was a horrible, tragic mess but when one touch ignites every nerve in your body even though you don't want to acknowledge that horrible mess deep down in you, you know its the reason.One of the main reasons this mess began was a problem named Andrew.

That night I was coming from the Scott fields to go to there family mansion for the gathering that was happening.I had begun working ten-hour shifts about a month back since my dad got fired from what seemed like his millionth job at the time. I sort of lost track after the tenth.So I was forcing my eyelids open from exhaustion as I entered there home.

I was still in my work clothes so I headed towards the bathroom my Mom told me about only to find it occupied.Without much thought, I went upstairs to search for another bathroom and to my luck, it was the first door on the right.I quickly changed into my white and blue lace dress that reached an inch before the knee and pressed tight on my pelvis.

My mom had gotten it for me when she went to the city for her only sisters funeral. I put on my blue flats, a little bit of mascara with a hint of eyeshadow and topped it off with cherry red lipstick.I quickly shoved my clothes into my bag and walked out only to encounter what I thought was a barrier at the time but was drastically mistaken, as I peeled my eyes open to notice Andrew was gazing at me with concern.

"Are you alright my love?"He asked, grasping me in between his arms.

"I was outstanding, "I replied, in a sort of sarcastic glee."Impeccable even, ohhhhhhhhh that was of course before you crossed my path."I gritted my teeth while glaring at him with piercing eyes.I couldn't stand to be on the same premises of this man without wanting to kill him in a gradual but painful way.

"My love why do you mistreat me when I have done nothing to cause you agony."

I know his words sound so romantic, heartwa

rming even but I didn't want him because my mind automatically weighs the good and the bad, and when the bad wins well there's no going back on that choice.

Clearing my throat so I make myself clear as day I finally said, "Andrew how many times may I repeat my self for your walnut sized brain to comprehend.I contain no affection towards you what so ever oh wait..... let me dumb it down for you. I don't love you.Ok."

" But I contain affection towards you, every centimeter of my soul is yearning for you, calling your name and so I will ask your father for your hand in marriage."He gushed, and my eyes widened while they roamed everywhere but in his direction as my hands began to jitter.

This man was surely insane.

No doubt my father would hand me over to this beast on a silver platter. His pockets were loaded with chump change.That's what my father was longing for so he could guilt money out of me to gamble and drink while my mom and brother starved to death.

That was not the life I imagined for myself nor for my family excluding my father.

"No, I won't marry you.Not now.Not ever." I hissed, still trying to pull from his grip.

"Let her go."A deep voice boomed and I averted my gaze to see a jaw-dropping sight that made heart rate accelerate faster and faster each time I observed him longer.It was as if time stopped for a while the minute our eyes locked.

His ocean blue eyes were so enticing it was nearly close to impossible to look away from.

His skin was a tannish color while his dark brown hair was slightly shaggy. His jaw line was sharp I'm sure it could cut while his Armani suit outlined his biceps perfectly.


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