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Hello My Lovely Readers and Welcome to the first book in the Billionaire Baby Love Story Series AKA my first novel ever written.

I do realize there are a lot of grammatical errors so please bear with me and I promise I will fix them but if you are one of those people who can't stand it then by all means necessary please leave because I don't want any rude, snarky remarks about it.

THIS IS A WARNING the male lead role Ethan is a jackass!!!!!

This is 1, 000, 000, 000% My Orginal Idea No one else's so do not try anything dumb because I will reply and trust me you won't like it!!!!!!

This is Fiction remember that, please!!!!

Please DO NOT steal my work or trash it I will not hesitate to report you!!!!!

NO nasty remarks on my book so If you're here to criticize please leave!!!

Other than that please do enjoy and do not forget to vote, comment and share!!!!


Ethan's POV

I thought I had everything I wanted, everything I desired from this world and never once was it money or success or even power it was the beautiful women I was married to.The women I could stare hours at and never once get bored.I believed she was without a single flaw but like everything one on this earth she contained many flaws.Flaws that I was too blinded by what I thought was love to see and like most people, no matter how many warnings I was given I had to see it to believe it.

We were on vacation for the summer at our home in the country not too far from the valley in California.It was a family tradition that my great great grandfather managed to create when he first began the family wine business in our fields in order to celebrate the years earning's.

Though the day was similar to any other day we were on vacation my father had created a large gathering to celebrate handing over the company key.There were many successful individuals from all over the world some I have not even seen but like my father says a great businessman or women make many allies and little to none enemies.So I understood why he invited them. My wife Diana, my mother, sister Mary and her son Kenan were all there of course.

The tapping of a spoon on a champagne glass by my father brought the rowdy crowd to silence, " Hello everyone we are all gathered here as you know so I could hand over the company key to my son Ethan Scott."The applause began shortly after my father stepped away from the microphone to pick up the

box of the key and so I walked up to him."Thank you for sharing this lovely evening with my family."He smiled while handing the box to me and I was quick to accept and then walk back to the table where my family was situated at.

"You know this family would be complete if you and Diana had a child."My mother began and Diana's figure tensed.

Oh, fantastic as always she couldn't leave anything at peace.

I don't even know why I am the least bit surprised she always does this.

I put on a fake smile and fought the urge to grit on my teeth, "Not now mother please."

She huffed a breathe, "Oh come on Ethan until when are we going to put off the subject.You two have been married for ten years now and there still isn't an heir."I glanced at Diana and I could see she was on the verge of tears right before she ran for houses entrance.

"Mother listen closely because I don't want to repeat my self once more.We don't want any kids at all it's our choice so respect it."I didn't have time to see my mom's facial expression because I was concerned for Diana but I was pretty sure it wasn't acceptance.

I opened my bedroom door to find Diana on the bed sobbing so I quickly rushed to her side and took her into my embrace.

She sniffled, "I want us to have a baby I really do but it's not happening."She ran to her vanity mirror and began to throw bottle after bottle on the ground." I tried everything.Pills, shots, doctors and nothing is helping."She yelled, throwing the last bottle onto the ground and then running to the bathroom but I stopped her before she could throw another bottle onto the ground.

"Baby or no baby Diana I love you."I murmured, taking her into my embrace once more."Now come on if my father doesn't see us there together he'll be upset and you know it."She shook her head while wiping her tears from her rosy cheeks.

She smiled, "You go ahead.I need to fix my makeup." I nodded and left our room but before I could walk downstairs I heard an angelic voice plead. I couldn't help myself I was curious so I walked in its direction only to be totally mesmerized by the amount of beauty she carried.


Hello, My Lovely Readers!!!!!

Please let me know what you think!!!

Please please vote, comment and share!!!!

I love you guys so much!!!!!

Until Next Time My Babies


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