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   Chapter 479 Prefer Girls to Boys

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Lola suddenly opened her eyes, "My babies are back!" She sat up at once. She couldn't wait to meet them.

Looking at her excited eyes, Harry got very upset. He pulled her into his arms and said, "Tell me Lola, who is more important for you, me or the kids?" He felt very insecure!

Lola, looked at her husband questioning her love for her kids, and rolled her eyes. "They are your kids, too. Now, don't be jealous!" she chided him.

"No. This doesn't work. I must be the most important person for you!" He said aggressively, trying to force her to say what he wanted to hear.

Lola was speechless. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she coaxed him as she did Nicole. "My dear husband, you are the most important person for me, " she said in a soothing voice. And so are our kids, she said to herself.

Hearing her sweet words, he smiled. "Good girl! I'll give you a reward for this, " saying this, Harry tightly hugged Lola.

"Hey, our kids are back!" She removed his palm, wanting to push him away, but failed.

Harry sealed her mouth with his and after a while said, "Let them play downstairs for some time."

However, just then, Nicole knocked on the door.

Her lovely voice beseeched them. "Daddy! Mommy! I am back, " she happily cried.

Harry looked at the blushing woman in his arms and cleared his throat. "Wait for us downstairs. And do not come again to call us, Nicole, " he said.

Nicole joyfully ran away to the nursery to wait for her parents.

Twenty minutes later, she came again, looking for Harry and Lola. "Daddy! Mommy! please come out, " Nicole listlessly said knocking on the door again.

Harry raised his eyebrows. Lola was still in his arms.

Lola playfully pushed him. "Don't make our kids wait so long, " she implored him.

Hearing the request in her voice, Harry decided to let her go even though he was not happy to do so. He kissed her hard once again and then went to the bathroom.

Lola caught her breath. "Nicole, honey! We are just washing our faces. Wait a minute, " she said.

Hearing her mother's assurance, Nicole ran away again. Lola put on her clothes and shoes and

. They had left the kids at the manor, to allow them to spend some time with their parents.

After playing for a while, Lola decided to take the kids out for some shopping.

She asked Mrs. Du to accompany her to help her with the kids.

The driver got the car to the gate of the manor. He folded the stroller and put it into the trunk.

Nicole got into the car first. Then Lola and Mrs. Du got in, each holding a baby. The car started for downtown.

Lola could only go shopping in the mall. When she and Mrs. Du appeared in public with the kids, they attracted a lot of attention.

Many people watched her twins enviably and wanted to play with them.

Lola went to the second floor of the mall where the infant section was located.

She walked slowly, trying to think of something that the kids needed. But Harry had already bought everything.

A beautiful pink hat caught her attention. She walked over to the hat. Just then, someone else also reached the hat. Both Lola and the other person reached out for the hat.

But Lola withdrew her hand when she saw that somebody else also wanted the hat. ... Lola's eyes followed the hand to look at the person reaching out for the hat. When she saw the person's face, her eyes lit up. "Ella!" she happily cried.

"Lola? What a coincidence!" Ella looked at Lola in surprise. She came to Lola's side. When she saw the children behind Lola, she was envious.

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