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   Chapter 478 She Waited Quietly

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Could there be gold too? Lola gaped at the vast wasteland before her.

Harry walked around the house with the metal detector, leaving Lola alone to think about the matter.

He could see a low hill behind the stone house.

He walked up to the hill. There was a small hole right in the front. Harry put the detector near the hole. The detector started beeping at once. Sure enough, the gold was here.

When he returned with the detector, he saw Lola was still pensively looking at the diamonds in the pit. She hadn't been able to reach a decision, yet.

When she saw Harry back, she tentatively asked him, "Is there any gold?" Would she become the richest woman in the world by accident?

Harry nodded an affirmative, "There is and quite a lot at that."

So, there really was gold to be mined! Lola looked at her elder brother and her husband again. She had made her decision.

"Mine it!" she happily said. After all, Jordan was right. Now that they had found the place, they could not conceal it for long.

Harry looked at the diamonds and thought for a while. "Mining for diamond is the most costly type of mining. If the deposits here are large, the investment required could run into hundreds of millions or even billions of..."

He cut off mid-sentence when he saw Lola's surprised expression. He then smiled and completed the sentence, "...dollars."

Lola was stunned. She innocently looked at Harry and asked, "Do I have that much money to invest?" Harry knew that the investment wouldn't lose money. So, there was no harm in investing.

Harry looked at his wife with disdain. It was the first time he had looked at her in that way. Lola was surprised. She glared at him at once.

Harry smiled and touched her head consolingly. "Hundreds of millions and billions of dollars is not a problem for you now." It was hard to evaluate the worth of the assets that he had given her.

Lola was still in a daze. She pinched her arm hard and immediately winced. Ouch! It hurt so much. So she was not dreaming!

Jordan saw what Lola had done and smiled. "Yes, " he said. "You're not dreaming!" He knew what she was thinking. The Li ancestors had been really rich and had left a huge treasure behind.

She chuckled and looked at Harry, "Then just do it!"

Harry nodded. He walked up to the bodyguard and said something to him.

A few minut

she had started missing her big bed also.

Harry took off his coat and adoringly looked at the woman rolling in the bed. He copied her tone, smirked and said, "Finally, I can sleep with my wife!"

Lola glared at the handsome man. She lay in the bed, with one arm supporting her head, and squinted at him unbuttoning his shirt.

She bashed her eyelids and softly called her husband, "Mr. Si!"

Harry's breath caught at the sound of her seductive voice. He stopped unbuttoning his shirt. His deep eyes looked at the beautiful woman in the bed.

Could he understand that she was seducing him?

She waited quietly.

He didn't respond. Wasn't she attractive? Lola got out of bed and began to slowly take off her coat.

Then she unzipped her skirt which fell to the carpet without a sound.

The man came closer to her and she could feel his hot breath. Lola ignored him and quickly ran to the bathroom.

He didn't say anything.

She smiled as she turned on the hot water. She wanted to take a long, soothing bath.

But she could not escape from the man. The bathroom door opened three minutes later.

He had stayed away from her for several days. How could he let her go so easily?

Early the following morning, Lola was still asleep in her big bed, when she felt a big hand moving up her body.

"Go away, I'm sleepy." She pushed the hand away. He had tortured her the whole night and she had just fallen asleep. She shyly smiled remembering the sweet torture.

Harry looked at his wife and smiled, "Dad has come back with the kids, " he said.

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