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   Chapter 477 Launch a Charity Program

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All of them were speechless. Joey stepped boldly forward to see if the wolves would do the same to him.

The moment he stepped forward, two of the wolves immediately ran over to him and snapped at his trousers.

Now everyone could tell that the wolves just wanted to stop them from going forward, instead of hurting anyone.

At this moment, Lola walked into the pack of wolves.

They started moving towards the place where the treasure had been found during the day.

The wolves didn't stop until they reached the stone house. Then they gathered around it so that Harry and the others couldn't see what was happening.

Lola was bewildered. She saw the white wolf digging at the foot of one of the walls.

Then he turned towards her and howled loudly to indicate that there was something there.

Lola understood the wolf. She squatted and started digging with her hands. The moonlight made it easier to see what she was doing.

However, all she saw was soil. She kept digging hard until... Lola let out a scream. Harry was so worried that he pushed the wolves off

And rushed to her side. Jordan followed, leaving Joey alone to fight the wolves.

"Let go of me, you scoundrel. If something happens to My Lady, you'll be in big trouble!" Joey angrily said to the wolf snapping at his heels.

In fact, he was really curious to see why the wolves had taken Lola to the stone house.

Joey got away at last, but two pieces of cloth were ripped off the leg of his trousers.

When the police and the bodyguards started moving towards the stone house, four wolves stopped them.

Harry reached Lola first.

She looked pale and scared. She jumped into his arms as soon as she saw him.

Harry patted her on the back to calm her down. He stared at the place where Lola had dug.

He was surprised at what he saw.

He thought it was a mummified body. Lola had dug out its head and a face had been revealed.

The wolves gathered around and kept digging further.

Jordan and Harry looked on with a blank expression. Soon, Joey reached the stone house and got a mig

g to the area where they had been digging.

The four of them went over to see what the bodyguards had found. They hadn't dug deep. They could see some rough diamonds scattered in the rocks.

So, there were diamonds at the place. The only question left now was whether Lola wanted to mine them.

"It seems that Lucy Wei was wrong when she said that we would find oil, " she said looking at the diamonds.

Harry nodded. "It takes a lot to exploit deposits, " he said. "You can find enough manpower and labor. And now, you also have the money. So it's up to you Lola to decide whether you want to mine these or not."

Lola frowned. She couldn't take a decision on her own.

"What do you guys think?" She asked the three men.

Jordan thought about it. "Now that we have found it, it's not a secret anymore. Why don't you do it?" he suggested.

All of them knew that more and more people would soon be able to find the treasure.

Joey just shrugged without saying anything. He could give a hand, but no advice on the matter.

Harry looked at his wife, "You'd better be prepared, Lola. I think there are not only diamonds but a lot of gold also." He would support her decision no matter what it would be.

This place at the end of the world had no government. If she decided to mine the gold and the diamonds, no approval would be needed. That would save a lot of trouble.

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