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   Chapter 476 Looks Like We're in Trouble

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Harry's gaze on Lola became uncertain. He was wondering if Lola regarded him as a cruel person... After a moment of silence, Harry looked at Lola and replied in a serious tone, "Thomas was the first one." As for Mike, he could only blame himself for his unfortunate life.

Lola slightly nodded and hugged him tightly.

Yet, Harry continued to say, "If there is still someone who hurts you or wants to hurt you, I will kill him anyway! I will always try to protect you, Lola." Harry's expression was plain but his words were very determined.

Lola thought for a while and then decided to behave and keep a distance with those people who she could never provoke. She didn't want Harry to kill somebody because of her again.

They stayed for the night. The next day when the sky became bright, Harry was the first one to get up. The second one was Jordan. They walked around the surroundings, finding out that all the dead bodies had only bones left. So they were pretty sure that the bodies were all eaten by some wild wolves.

Besides, they vaguely heard wolves at the last night.

When Lola woke up and finished her breakfast, they started to drive towards the place where they had been yesterday.

As they arrived at the destination, Harry told Lola to wait for them in the car, while the others got off.

The dead bodies here were in the same situation as the ones over there--only bones were left.

They guessed that lots of wild wolves lived here, yet they couldn't figure out where these wolves were hiding.

After making sure that there were no suspicious persons around, Harry returned to pick up Lola and allowed her to get off the car.

He also took a detector from the car. Along with several badly injured people, they walked together towards a village.

Harry pressed the button of the detector. As soon as it was put on the ground, the detector began to beep.

Three minutes later, Harry glanced at Lola and Jordan. Then he opened his mouth and told them calmly, "There is a huge diamond deposit, which means there are lots of diamonds here."

If he was right, then other mineral resources were also buried under the ground.

.... Diamond deposit, a giant diamond deposit.

Lola was astonished. Shouldn't there be some stuff like antiques? How could it become a giant diamond deposit?

What should they do now? Could they dig them? They glanc

was terrified when it tightly bit on... Harry's trousers.

Harry recognized the wolf. It was exactly the one in the glacier. How wide do the wolves travel? He never thought they can meet them here again.

"What's going on?" Joey was so confused and asked without realizing what was happening.

Lola got rid of Harry's arm, and then the snowy wolf immediately bit on her dress and guided her to walk back.

Everyone was too shocked to say a word. If they hadn't seen this by themselves, they would never believe that a wolf would actually guide a human to walk.

Lola gave the flashlight to Harry and caught up with the leader wolf.

A human being and a wolf were heading towards the village together.

Harry was the first one to react and tried to follow them immediately. However, the leader wolf suddenly turned back and howled to drive him away.

Then the other wolves staying not far from them also started to howl.

Their howling didn't stop until Harry gave up following them.


Except for Lola, everyone was frightened by the strange scene.

Maybe these wolves could understand human feelings. But why was it that they were friendly only to Lola?

Harry tried to follow them again, and the leader wolf made a long howling sound. Instantly, several gray wolves ran over to him.

When everyone was thinking that these gray wolves were going to attack Harry, they just stood in a row and blocked his way.

Seeing this, Harry made his decision to continue walking forward. Yet, two wolves bit on his trousers so tight that Harry couldn't move anymore.

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