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   Chapter 475 Time Froze

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Harry stared furiously at the man who said that he was interested in his wife, "Good for you! How dare you compete with me for woman!" His tone was arrogant and domineering! This time, if he still did not kill this man, then what kind of man was he! He had always deemed himself as a proud man.

Herren took out a weapon from his pocket, pointed at Harry, and looked at him with contempt. "You are such a hindrance! I believe that many people want to kill you, and I would like to kill you for them!"

Harry was so powerful that many people wanted to get rid of him, but none of them had ever succeeded!

He pointed his weapon at Harry. This alarmed both sides. Tense filled the air yet again.

In a flash, there was once again a stalemate. Everyone held weapons against each other.

Harry played with the weapon in his hand and merely rested his eyes on the face of the woman standing opposite to him. Although Thomas pointed the weapon at him, Harry acted as if he didn't care.

His attitude, in the eyes of Herren, was arrogant. Harry was showing that he looked down on him. It made Herren so upset.

"Harry, put down your weapon. Otherwise..." He grabbed Lola, pulled her collar and let her face Harry.

Harry stopped playing around. He realized what Herren was thinking. He looked at him and remained calm and unaffected. He was really unpredictable.

Harry has no plans to put down his weapon. Thomas Herren ordered his people to point their weapons at Harry. He pulled on Lola's wrist and rushed to the car.

"All you want is just those wealth!" Harry said in deep voice behind them, making Thomas stop on his tracks.

He looked back. "Sorry, I have changed my mind now. I want not only wealth and your wife, but also... your life!" Successful or not, he would not let Harry leave here alive. Even if that meant that he will die too.

Lola looked at the big hand pulling her wrist and bit it ferociously.

Thomas Herren felt the pain and let go of Lola. She then seized the chance to run to the other side.

Harry quickly loaded the weapon in his hand, and shot at Thomas Herren.


him away.

When he was in front of Lola, his face and is white shirt were stained with blood.

Lola looked at the place where Thomas Herren had just laid and it was also heavily bloodstained. She knew that Harry had not let Thomas Herren off easily.

She did not sympathize with Thomas Herren. She just couldn't. She had no other feelings except a little discomfort. There were too much dead bodies around her.

Harry had wanted to hug her, but he remembered the blood on him. So, he went to the car, changed clothes, rinsed off the blood on his skin and cleaned and bandaged his cuts. After that, he went towards her.

Lola was watching other people cleaning up the mess. Thomas Herren's people surrendered immediately. They didn't have any choice as their leader was already dead.

She was still in a daze, so Harry pulled her into his arms, "Why are you sad? We won." He was confused.

When Mike died, she also showed such a gloomy face.

Shouldn't they die? Especially Thomas Herren. Thomas had killed so many people. He was a traitor.

She shook her head blankly. She didn't feel sorry for Thomas Herren. Instead, she felt bad for all the pleasant memories of the past.

Then, she raised her head and looked at the man next to her, "In the future, don't... kill people anymore, okay? Let's live a peaceful and quiet life." She really did not like that his hands were stained with blood.

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