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   Chapter 474 He Died a Decade Ago

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6522

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Thomas Herren tipped with a wink to his people that prompted two men to immediately take the injured bodyguard away.

Without any hesitation, Thomas used her as a shield when Harry was about to shoot him. He knew Harry would not take the risk.

That sent a chill to Lola's heart. All the goodness Thomas Herren used to show to her were all gone. She felt so betrayed.

Then the chill was replaced by fury. Lola used the weapon in her mouth again to shoot the person next to her and immediately a bodyguard fell on the ground with his hands covering his eyes.

Then she did it again to the people on her right side.

Thomas found there was something wrong with Lola. Lola was not in her usual talkative attitude. He had never seen her so silent like this. Why wasn't she voicing out her complaints?

Two bodyguards fell on the ground in succession. Foams formed in their mouths and they immediately died.

Thomas Herren pinched her face to force her to spit out the concealed weapons in her mouth.

It was a spring-loaded box. The bullets in it had been used up when he intentionally stepped on it.

Harry's eyes turned red when he saw this.

He could keep a cool head when faced with anything dangerous only except situations that involved Lola. He could not risk his wife's safety.

"Take your hands off from her!" He uttered the words coldly. He wanted to shoot Herren's hand so badly.

Thomas Herren didn't do as Harry said. He said to Lola, "Now you know why there are so many people around you."

He released Lola and continued, "Think of Harry, Joey and even your brother. How do you know they aren't interested in your old pocket watch? I've warned you about this before, Lola."

"He is trying to separate us. Don't listen to him!" The three men shouted in unison.

Lola looked at Thomas in disdain. "I'm sure that only you are interested in it. They are good men." She knew what kind of person he truly was and she woul

y at the same time.

However, it was not because of Lola why he gave up the president's position. It was because that he was almost exposed by his rival in the government.

There were still several people who were ready to join forces to get rid of him, so he took the initiative to resign from the presidency.

Resigning from the governor of Crown Province was because he didn't want to wait any longer. He planned to take Lola here to take advance actions. The so-called getting away to a faraway place was all fake.

"So you wanted to marry me just for the old pocket watch?" She didn't know that she was with such a horrible man. She felt so disgusted and frustrated.

"Right." He straightforwardly admitted, but he also said, "But I still had some feelings for you. I developed that over time." Lola was the only woman that he loved. If she could help him find the treasure, he would be good to her for the rest of her life.

The time when he got injured for protecting Lola at the Pedestrian Street in A Country was all arranged by himself. He wanted to win her heart by doing this.

But he underestimated her affection for Harry. He thought that he could sway Lola's heart from Harry.

Lola felt nothing but disgusting when she heard Thomas saying that he had feelings for her.

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