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   Chapter 473 How Stupid I am

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7168

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Jordan shot the man who wanted to kill them.

That man let out an ear-piercing scream and fell to the ground. Lola knew he died on the spot.

Probably the enemies had known that Jordan was in the car so they sprayed bullets on the car. They wanted to kill Jordan and kidnap Lola.

Jordan crouched near the back seat and was lost in his thoughts. He had to get off the car to draw their attention and protect Lola. But how would he be able to get out without being shot?

Right at that moment, he realized that someone was getting closer. He shot him to death immediately when he was about to attack them.

Then he got off and closed the door quickly. He rushed to the front of the car.

Then Lola saw that there were two men who were aiming at Jordan with their guns. "Jordan will be killed by them!" Lola thought to herself. She had to rescue Jordan so she opened the window of the car and carried out her attack by gnashing her teeth. Her weapon was in her mouth!

Something like a needle shot hit the man's belly Lola was planning to shoot his neck, but she shot his belly instead.

'Whatever. At least I hit the target.' Lola thought to herself and hid herself inside again. Then, she saw that the man fell to the ground and had foaming in his mouth. He died.

Another man felt curious about it because he did not know what happened to him.

Lola then shot him as he was looking at his fallen comrade.

She shot his arm this time and he fell to the ground soon.

Harry had told her that this weapon would kill people in just mere seconds. She did not believe in it at first. But now, she knew that it was true! Harry was not exaggerating at all.

Jordan put all his attention on the men behind him when he realized that Lola could protect herself.

Lola opened the door of the car and ran to the dead men. She picked up their guns and put them in her pockets.

Then she was surrounded suddenly by two men. They aimed at Lola and spoke to her, "Don't move!"

Lola was so scared. She even dared not to move! Jordan also noticed this. But he could not come to rescue her because he was also surrounded

them suffered heavy losses in this battle. About five men in Harry's side died. Besides, almost all of his men got hurt.

Their enemies suffered more. However, there were still many enemies around them. Harry guessed that there were about twenty of them.

A man got off the last SUV. Harry knew that he was that secret man.

He was wearing black clothes and wore a pair of sunglasses. He slowly walked to Lola. Harry kept calm when he saw him. He had always known about his true identity.

However, Lola was astonished. He was Thomas Herren! How could it be possible!

Thomas Herren smiled to Lola as usual. He stood in front of her.

"Lola, we haven't seen each other for a long time!" Actually, they did see each other a few days ago.

Lola could not say anything because of the weapon in her mouth. She just glared at him.

Harry had told her that Thomas Herren was a strange and mysterious man. Now, she believed in what he had said.

Thomas looked at Lola and sneered, "Are you happy that I am here now?" He raised her chin to let her look at him.

However, he pulled Lola in front of him immediately when he noticed that Harry was about to shoot him.

When Harry saw that Thomas Herren pulled Lola in front of him, he had to change his target so as not to hurt Lola. He shot a guard near them.

And that guard fell to the ground soon. Lola knew that he died. The true battle has just started.

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