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   Chapter 472 Be Careful

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Harry grinned, and smoothed her long silky hair. He said, "If you want to take them away, I'll figure out a solution. If you don't want to, then we'll sink them down." Harry didn't care much about it. It was all up to her.

Lola thought for a while, and said, "Let's wait and see. But of course, it'll be the best if we can take them away!" She chuckled and thought that the treasure was something irresistible to everyone in this world.

Looking at the spark in her eyes when she mentioned the treasure, Harry held her tight and asked, "Your husband has given you the amount of money that is enough for three lifetimes. Do you still care about this treasure?"

She just kept on chuckling and answered, "Of course I do. What if they are some interesting antiques? If so, then we take them with us and keep them at home."

"Since those are something passed down from the ancestors, and even though not knowing the accurate ages of them, they must be some antiques, " Lola thought to herself.

Harry put down his arm which was supporting his head, and helped her to cover herself with the quilt. "Now sleep first. You may find out about everything tomorrow!" He reassured her. He kissed her on the cheek, and closed his eyes.

Nobody else except him knew that he was trying so hard to restrain himself. But there were other people nearby, so he had to respect her. But he wanted so badly to touch her...

The night became very quiet, and everybody soon fell sound asleep.

At eight o'clock the next morning, they proceeded towards the southeastern direction.

The road was smooth and steady, and was without any cracking or silt. This showed that it might have never rained in here.

A few hours passed, and a stone-made building appeared in front of them.

They all got out of the car, and felt surprised to see that there was a house at the remote bottom line of the world.

In a short distance, there was a gate formed by three stone columns.

Behind it, there was a battered old gate, with the height of four or five meters.

Then behind the gate, there were a few houses built by stones. But the windows and doors were broken.

These were all they could see right now.

"Is it possible that there will be any treasure in here? It seems so deserted." thought Lola. She curiously looked around the small area. It was so small that it is impossible to name it a village.

Then some bodyguards went inside and patrolled around the area. They came back very soon.

They reported, "Mr. Si, there is nothing inside. All are just some empty stone-made houses."

He no

backpack, and took out the things that Harry prepared for her earlier.

She hadn't used them as she was under Harry's protection all the way here. But now, they came in handy.

She also quickly put on the cloisonne bracelet.

Then she wore the ring which had been so useful. She also put on a headwear.

At last, she put something into her mouth, and fastened the backpack.

She patted her brother's shoulder. Jordan turned around to take a look at her.

Lola opened her mouth, and Jordan saw the concealed weapon inside. He immediately understood her intention.

"Wait for my instructions. I'll go out first and distract their attention. You keep hiding here, " said Jordan. The car was unable to move an inch now. He hid in the backseat and took a look at the situation behind them.

He saw some people rushing towards them, so he had to take action right away.

He looked through the glass window at one side, and saw two armed men were aiming their guns at the car door.

He then opened the car door himself, but he didn't get off just yet. But to his surprise, they didn't trigger their guns yet.

Jordan then took a look at his sister, who was only exposing her eyes. He thought that maybe Lola was their real target.

When he realized this, he decided that he couldn't let them succeed. Lola was her beloved sister!

He quickly killed the two armed men approaching them. A few bullets went into the car door.

He moved back inside the car and reloaded more bullets to his gun. Then he shot at one more enemy through the car back's window which was covered with black coating.

"Cover your ears." Jordan made an order to his sister, and Lola instantly covered her two ears with both her hands.

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