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   Chapter 471 There Were Also Some Burning Marks

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Joey was amused when he looked at Lola, and asked her, "Mrs. Si, how much did you miss me?"

When he heard this, Harry became even more angrier. Lola eventually calmed down and said, "I've missed the food, but not you."

After hearing this, Harry's expression gradually changed and he looked much better.

After this, they carried down all the supplies they needed from the cars behind.

Joey explained to Harry the reason for his two, actually three days, delay.

They had launched a helicopter and were headed towards them the moment they had received Harry's first distress signal.

But halfway on their way they had encountered a large area of glacier and their signal was suddenly jammed.

They couldn't advance any forward and had to retreat. After that, they drove forward along the road. On their way here, they saw Jordan's car.

No one was in it, but they noticed that the car had been pierced by some bullets.

And there was a pile of bones on the other side of the car.

When Harry remembered the wild wolves, he thought that the dead men's bodies had been eaten by them.

"Did you see anyone on the road here?" Jordan asked this with confusion twirling in his eyes.

Joey shook his head, and said, "It was quiet all the way up here. Even when we camped in the glacier at night, we didn't see anyone except us."

This was odd. Were there other roads here?

Knowing what will probably happen, Harry thought that it wouldn't be wise to relax on his vigilance yet, because the real boss was yet to come. He believed that he was right, and was also sure of who the boss was!

"There is no signal here; I will leave ten people to protect you." This time, Joey had asked the international police team for help, and each team member was good in all aspects.

They had also transported sufficient supplies here. At last, Joey said to Harry, "I won't go back this time, I will stay with you." He was still loathing the life in Mando Bay.

He would rather go through the pains and hardships of wilderness than to return to that accursed place, where he could, actually, live an extravagant life.

Harry looked at him and just patted him on the shoulder, not uttering a single word.

The next day, all the people were divided into two groups. Some of them got inside the two cars and drove back.

The rest of them got in five cars and continued to move forward, even though they knew that it would be very difficult for them to advance on the road ahead. No one had the intention of giving up.

They persevered not for the inconceiva

t in his arms.

On the eighth day they had already passed through the glacier, but they were still moving forward on the land. Harry held the telescope in his hand and checked all surroundings. He found that there was still nothing there.

He then returned to the car and took out the map and the location instrument. After carefully looking at the map, he learned that they now had to go southeast.

But the location instrument didn't show any information, so they had to keep on going straight ahead.

They then drove for several hours again. It was now afternoon, and they were still on the endless strip of land.

How large was the land? They had driven for two days, but they hadn't reached the end of the land yet.

Lola held the telescope in her arms and casually looked around through it.

When she looked to the southeast, she saw something that seemed to look like a building.

She excitedly passed the telescope to Harry, and said, "Look! What's that in front of us?" It was likely that they had finally reached their destination! Yeah! Yeah!

Harry took the telescope and looked to the southeast, as Lola instructed him. "It is likely to be a building," he said. He didn't see too clearly what kind of building it really was.

But he was now sure that they had reached their destination.

They camped again. There was only the endless piece of land around them, and they didn't see any other creatures beside them.

Inside the tent

"What will be waiting ahead for us? How can we take the treasure away if there are a lot of gold jewelry?" asked Lola. She was nestled in Harry's arms and was touching the old pocket watch, imagining the final scene at the end of the barren land.

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