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   Chapter 470 You are Disgusting

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They gutted the fish and shrimp with a dagger and then cleaned them in the warm water they had prepared in advance.

The fish was then placed on the grill and slowly roasted on the fire. The shrimp on the other hand was directly thrown inside a boiler pot with some salt.

The bodyguards had thought of bringing only one bag of salt along with them, because they reckoned that they didn't need it for much. When Harry saw this, he asked them to bring more.

If things kept on like this, salt would play an essential role.

As for the roasted fish, only a few sprinkles of salt were added to it along with some simple seasonings. It would certainly not taste as delicious as they had eaten it before, but it was food. A lot of the fish was personally caught by Harry, and everyone was enjoying the food cheerfully.

The shrimp taste, however, was much better, because most of the shrimp they had eaten before was cooked in the same, or similar, salty manner. Not to mention that the shrimp had been freshly caught from the lake, so it was no wonder it tasted good.

After their dinner, everyone started to clean up the garbage. Harry then told Jordan, "I'm going out for a walk with Lola, to promote digestion." Then, Harry held Lola's hand and went away with her.

The moon looked much bigger then, and it was relatively brighter. They could see each other well enough without any other artificial light.

After walking for a few minutes, Lola curiously asked the man beside her, "How did you manage to catch all that fish?" And indeed, there had been much fish.

"There's a lake about ten kilometers away from here. In the lake there's so much fish that you can catch it even without having any sort of skill." Harry then turned around, looked at her fair face, and got some idea.

But Lola didn't know what Harry was up to. She was just excited, and was asking to go fishing with him tomorrow.

Harry scanned the environment around them, and said, "Let's go now. Let's go to some wonderful place now."

The bonfire could barely be seen from there, and Harry pushed her in a narrow gap of the glacier.

Lola was a little confused. Her waist was being caressed by two big palms inside her military coat.

She now realized why Harry had taken her out for a walk. She pinched his arm gently, and said, "We've been out for a long time now. The

and shrimp in the glacier area. If any land was ahead, it must surely be barren.

The wisest choice for them was to go back and make their full preparations first.

On the afternoon of the next day, while Lola was bored and was trying to find something interesting, she suddenly heard the sound of cars.

She listened carefully. Yes, it was the sound of moving cars!

She ran back to Harry in a hurry, but by this time, Harry was already standing up and looking into the distance in the direction from where they had come.

In no more than one minute, several cars were stopped in front of them.

They were really excited when they saw the rescue cars, but they didn't know who their drivers were. They took it for granted that it was their men that had come for them.

Joey got out of the passenger seat from the first car, and Lola was really excited when she saw him, because she also seemed to see food and many other necessities coming along with him.

Lola instantly ran to Joey. When Harry saw the woman running to the man in front of them, his smile faded right away.

He then caught up with Lola, but before Lola had the chance to throw herself on Joey and hug him, he stopped her.

What did she think she was doing when he was standing right there beside her? She needed to be taught a lesson!

However, Lola was still waving and shouting to Joey. "Joey, Joey, have you brought any good food for us? Come on, show me. We've been waiting for you for a long time!" Harry pulled Lola by her shoulders, to prevent her from falling into Joey's arms.

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