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   Chapter 469 The Big Shot is Still Behind The Curtain

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7288

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"What about you?" She looked at Harry and Jordan with worried eyes - they were both wounded.

Harry sterilized Jordan's wound, and said, "We have something to discuss. When we're finished, we'll rest." He cast a glance on her, rushing her to go and leave them alone.

Lola nodded in consent, but before she entered the tent, she first searched for her wolves. They were all gone now, but when she moved forward, she spotted them strolling into the mouth of the cave.

Were there several cave exits and entrances? Confused, Lola walked back to the tent.

There were several bullet holes in the tent, but it was still usable. Lola crawled in and soon fell asleep.

Just before dawn, Lola heard the sound of a car engine. The car was used to send the guards that were seriously injured to Mando Bay and to find new guards for their mission.

There left behind only one-third of the food that had been prepared beforehand. The guards drove away in the off-road vehicle, leaving them the military van.

At the bonfire

Harry was staring gloomily at the rising flames in front of him.

"These are just some mindless minions, and that means that the big shot are still hiding behind the curtain." Jordan pondered things while looking at his people cleaning the battle scene.

"I think so as well, but without any phone signal, we can't get in touch with Thomas Herren. We don't know how are things going on his side." Their phones couldn't make any calls, just locate their position.

Jordan looked at Harry and felt a little bit surprised. "Thomas Herren? The man that has always been courting Lola?"

Harry nodded. He had never believed that Thomas Herren would ever recuperate in A Country. Their expedition must be a great opportunity for Thomas Herren. This was his last and only chance to get back what he has been longing for all this time.

In the morning, Harry went back to the tent while Lola was still sleeping like a log there.

He looked at her cheerfully. Then he lifted a corner of the quilt and coat, got in bed and fell asleep holding Lola tightly in his arms.

Later in the afternoon, they hit the road again.

This time Lola, Harry and Jorda

ually, they fell asleep.

The following day, Joey didn't show up. In the afternoon, Harry checked on the food - they had eaten all of it.

Because they lacked gas, they couldn't move forward either.

But he couldn't stay still either. He had to find some food at least, and so he took two other guys with him to search around.

At dusk, they drove the van back. The rest of them were very worried.

Lola then rushed forward when the car had just stopped. She looked at Harry, who was sitting in the driver's seat, and asked, "Where have you been?" She was worried because they had lost contact.

Harry wanted to caress her hair, but instead he raised his arms and embraced her. "I'm okay. See? I'm back safe and sound. I just went out to find some food for us."

"Did you find any?"

"He smells like fish... Did he catch fish?" wondered Lola.

Then two guards threw a bag beside the bonfire.

Inside were fish and even some shrimps.

She took a step back and then looked at him up and down. "Indeed, his pants are soaking wet. He must have caught the fish himself, " thought Lola.

"Go change your clothes." Lola was touched that Harry, who had been living off the fat of the land, had caught the fish all by himself for them. She was almost about to cry out loud gratefully, but she refrained from it.

The soaking pants and stinky fishy smell were not so delightful. So Harry took Lola's advice and went to the tent to change.

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