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   Chapter 468 Survival was the First Choice

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When Lola and the wolf were locked in a stalemate, she was so panicked at the thought that she couldn't fight with so many wolves at a time, that she said, "Mr. Wolf, please let me go!" Lola begged the two wolves in front of her.

It didn't matter for Lola whether they could understand what she said or not, and she kept speaking to them, "You see, I didn't kill you just now. So please, just return me the favor. I have to provide for my parents, grand-parents, and also my three little ones... Mr. and Mrs. Wolf, please let me go!" She bowed to the wolves with her hands tightly folded.

In her situation, survival was the first choice!

And it worked, because they didn't hurt her. So Lola was quite pleased. She knew that wolves were fierce animals, and that they hunted their prey the second they saw it.

"Are they full? Hum, that's the only explanation, " thought Lola.

"Mr. and Mrs. Wolf, please let me go. If you do, I'll fetch you something to eat." She didn't know whether the wolves could understand her or not.

After she stopped talking, within half a minute the wolf that was biting her pants loosened its bite.

And the same happened with the other wolf that was biting on her military coat.

Lola was surprised, and said with her hands folded, "Thank you very much, Mr. and Mrs. Wolf!" She turned around and heard gunshots coming from the cave's entrance. Someone was about to shoot!

"Stop! Please stop!" Lola couldn't see who it was. It didn't matter who was aiming the weapon, she just didn't want him to shoot.

After assuring her that he wouldn't make any more moves, she picked up her flashlight to see who it was and found that it was Harry.

Harry came to her right the moment he saw her. But when he saw the wolves beside her, he was terrified.

He raised the weapon again. "Baby, don't hurt them!" Lola stopped him again.

Harry was confused, and while staring at her, he asked, "Lo, are you OK?" He didn't loosen his grip on the weapon, and quickly moved forward.

When he was outside, he was thinking only about her, and when he heard her cry, he became terrified.


several minutes.

After seeing the cruel scene, Jordan also saw that Lola who wanted to check on her wolves, and said, "Lola, my arm is still painful. Come please and have a look at it!"

Hearing that, Lola quickly helped Jordan to walk towards the now re-ignited fireplace.

"Brother, are you alright? Let me see." Jordan had barely covered the wound that was still bleeding, and had had no time to apply or take any medicine.

He said to Lola, "You and Wang go and find some first aid for me." Wang was one of the bodyguards who was also injured during the fight.

Lola then stood up immediately, and said, "OK, brother, wait for me!" In the meantime, while Lola was sent to find the medicine, the wolves had already finished another dead man's body.

After she got back, she gave all the medicine and disinfecting tools that she found to all the people around. All of them were injured, but among them three were severely injured. At dawn they left for Mando Bay.

"Brother, let me take care of you." Lola picked up the swabs and unguent prepared at the Chengyang Private Hospital. She opened the disinfectant and dipped a swab in it.

But just when she raised her hand, Harry came.

"Go to sleep, " he said. The sun was about to rise, and she had stayed up all night.

Before Lola had the chance to say anything, Jordan said, "You go and rest now. We're not in that much of a hurry today."

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