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   Chapter 467 No Time for Negotiating

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6796

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Harry didn't want to scare her too much. He kissed her long hair and pointed towards the glacier nearby, and said, "If it becomes dangerous here tonight, you hide in that cave immediately." He had checked that cave. It had been formed during the constant low temperature conditions, and therefore was a very solid cave.

Bullets couldn't get through it. And in addition, it was easier for people to hide themselves in the cave because of its complex topography.

Lola looked at the cave, and under the moonlight, the ice blocks looked like they were blue.

She was about to nod, but suddenly she thought of one thing, and said, "No! If I hide in that cave, will you fight with the enemy?" Harry had always tried to protect her, and thus put her safety first before everything else.

Of course, that was Harry's plan all along. "Is there anything wrong?" He looked at her, and saw that Lola didn't want to follow his instructions.

"It's not fair! I want to face the enemy with you!" Since Harry's social status was too high, she had to learn how to protect herself if she wanted to stay with him forever. She had to strengthen herself if she wanted to protect herself.

Harry held Lola's beautiful face, in his hands, and said, "You needn't do that. If you really want to face the enemy with me, I'll promise you we'll cosplay Counter Strike when we return home." It was a great game! They could defeat the enemy together!

"Cosplay Counter Strike?" Lola curled her lips. Actually, she was not that interested in this game. She had once played the game with Zoe, but it wasn't that fun at all.

However, she didn't refuse him immediately. She made some plans deep inside her mind.

"I hope that there will be some wolves here tonight! One little wolf will be good enough!" She really wanted to see a wolf. She would like to see a wolf instead of other human beings.

Harry and Lola talked to each other in a low voice, but sometimes, Lola acted like a spoiled child. She smiled and patted him. And Harry just wanted to

nd her.

When Lola looked back quietly, she found that several wolves were running towards her.

... Although she had wanted to see the wolves, she didn't expect to see them so close.

Lola cried and quickly rushed out the cave.

She screamed and ran to the battleground, but the wolves behind her stopped at the entrance of the cave when they heard the fight going on there.

Lola looked at the people who were fighting and wondered how could she be there.

She had no choice because she was trapped between the enemy and a pack of wolves.

Odd enough, when the enemies saw Lola, they didn't hurt her.

Some guys even tried to get close to her. They must've known of her old pocket watch and wanted to catch her!

Lola took out the gun out of her coat and shot at the ice on the entrance of the cave. Suddenly, all the wolves ran away.

She felt a little more relieved, and returned back to the cave.

However, Lola had underestimated the wolves. When she came to the cave, the biggest of the wolfs bit her trouser leg.

Another wolf bit her coat while the others looked at her with greedy eyes.

Lola was now too scared to move an inch further. Fortunately, the wolves hadn't fatally bitten her.

Harry was fighting with the two men who had wanted to get close to Lola. He had no idea of what was happening inside the cave...

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