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   Chapter 466 Did the Wolves Come

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Both of them just sat there silently. By three-thirty in the morning, a slight sound suddenly came from somewhere not that away from them.

Looking at each other at the same time, they knew that something was approaching.

Immediately, they reached for the weapons they were carrying on their waists. They were ready to start fighting at any given moment.

The sound became louder and louder, and if you listened to it more carefully, you would have realized that it wasn't made by a human being.

Standing up at the same time, they both looked towards the direction from where the sound was coming.

In the darkness, eyes were seen glowing with a green light.

They figured out almost immediately that it was a pack of wolves, and they secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Sometimes, humans are far more terrible than wolves are. Taking a second look, they were re-assured. Thank God that there were only five or six wolves.

Harry immediately put some more wood on the fire, and then he picked up the flashlight beside it and turned it on.

The wolves were then all exposed to the light, and two were red, and three were brown. At the front of the pack was a snow white wolf, which was supposed to be their head.

These wolves all had wide mouths, sharp snouts. Their tails were short and hanging in the back, not yet curled, and their ears were pricked, too.

If Harry was right, these must be the endangered Warrah.

Without any hesitation, Harry took out his weapon and drew a warning shot towards the pack.

Hearing the gun's loud noise, the wolf pack immediately turned back and fled away as was expected.

However, the shot also awakened all the people who were asleep.

Lola all of a sudden opened her eyes abruptly, and found that inside the tent there was no one else but herself.

Hearing the gunshot, she instantly climbed out of the tent.

The bodyguards also ran out. They were all fully armed and vigilantly aiming at the surroundings with their weapons.

"Relax, it was just a wolf pack, but it's gone already. Go back to sleep, all of you!" Jordan looked at the bodyguards around him, armed to the teeth and ready to fight. He couldn't help but wonder where Harry had found all of these men. They seemed to be pretty strong.

Harry saw Lola, who was outside in her thin dress. He quickly walked towards her and pushed her back inside the tent.

"Don't worry, everyt

ise to see wolves at the edge of the world."

Lola opened her eyes wide excitedly, and said, "Honey, you go to sleep now. Tonight, I will protect you!" Usually, she was the one that needed protection. It was her turn this time.

Harry hugged her into his arms, "Naughty little girl. Do you think I need a woman to protect me?" If he ever allowed this happen, it would definitely make people laugh their heads off instantly!

Facing his arrogance, Lola curled her lips in discontent, and said, "I have a gun! I can just shoot the wolves when they attack. If only I could capture one and bring it back and place it next to the liger."

Harry slightly shook his heads and let out a silent sigh. What a simple woman Lola was! "It's not just the wolves. Lola, it's a complicated world, and you are so young, and so simple." Since they left Mando Bay and had arrived here, it was really quiet. Didn't she notice that?

So many people had always been hunting the old watch. Now lots of people knew about it, and set out on their way for treasure hunting!

Someone might already be on their way, tracking them. Someone may... have already been following them from a certain distance.

He looked at the passage through which they had just passed. It was pitch-black. This was a perfect place, for hiding.

Lola looked at Harry, noticing that he was gazing at the traveled road. She followed his eyes, but saw nothing.

"Is anyone following us?" That must be what he meant.

Of course she knew that this was a complicated and dangerous world; that was something that she had tried to avoid in many occasions.

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