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   Chapter 465 Showing Love Wherever You are

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7319

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"When did I come out of Mando Bay?" Lola asked the bodyguard standing nearest to her. She remembered someone picking her up. It must have been Harry.

"About three o'clock this morning, " the bodyguard replied with great respect.

Lola then continued chatting with the bodyguard.

Almost an hour later, the bodyguards heard a sound coming from the nearby road.

They saw a military vehicle equipped with carriages and an off-road vehicle approaching them.

Immediately, the bodyguards surrounded Lola pushing her in the inner circle and became highly vigilant.

Lola was moved by what they did as they were protecting her at the cost of their own lives.

As the vehicle came closer, the bodyguards saw who were riding in the vehicles. Once their identities were confirmed, they visibly relaxed.

They made way for the men who got off.

Lola saw that the men who alighted from the vehicles were her elder brother, Jordan and her husband, Harry. Seeing them safe, she happily ran to them and embraced Harry.

Harry tightly hugged her and gave her a long kiss.

Seeing the two lovebirds, Jordan and the bodyguards looked away.

"You are showing love wherever you are. Boss Si, My Lady, have you ever considered how we feel?" grumbled one of the bodyguards.

Lola had not expected Harry to kiss her. "People are watching us!" She blushed and pushed her husband away.

She then noticed that Harry's arm was bandaged. "What happened there? And what happened to your arm?" Lola asked with great anxiety.

"Nothing serious. Lucien, who was cunning as a fox, shot me, " he briefly told her.

"Was he hurt?" She thought. "Did you visit a doctor?" She asked, her eyes wide with concern.

"Don't worry, the bullet has been taken out and the doctor attended to the wound, " he said, gently massaging her frowning eyebrows.

She relaxed and sighed with relief. She then turned to Jordan and asked, "And what about you, brother? How are you?"

Jordan looked at his kid sister and said, "Finally you noticed your elder brother! I thought that you cared only about my brother-in-law!"

Jordan's joke made Lola turn bright red, "I am about to ask you, Jordan, " she said nod

sleep!" Lola succumbed, unable to push Harry away.

Harry kissed Lola on the lips and started provocatively touching her body.

Lola immediately caught his big hand. "There are too many people here, and the tent is not even sound proof, " she whispered. "Please don't move. If you continue doing this, I will get angry!"

Harry breathed heavily and unwillingly closed his eyes after her warning.

"How excruciating she is!"

Everybody slept soundly. The night was quiet except for the sound of dry wood burning.

Harry continued embracing his wife, adoringly looking at her sleeping face in the dim light.

One of them had to remain awake and stay on guard for the safety of the others.

Fearing that his wife would catch a cold, he tucked some more quilts and his frock coat around her. It would be quite chilly outside.

He looked at the time. It was around three o'clock. He moved out of the bed and unzipped the tent.

The moment he came out of the tent, he heard a sound from Jordan's tent also.

Jordan also emerged in the tranquil night, The two men sat together and rekindled the fire.

"Go back to sleep, you need to drive tomorrow, " Harry said looking at Jordan. His tone was habitually commanding.

Jordan smiled and shook his head, "You too need to rest because of your wound." When he was in the army before, he had once worked for three days without sleeping. Jordan was sure that he could manage it again, if need be.

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