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   Chapter 464 Joey Had Come Back

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"Jordan? Are you all right?" Lola held and shook her elder brother's arm with her full strength.

Jordan said nothing. Harry, observing the whole scene, turned to Lucien and said, "Lucien, Jordan is my elder brother, but you treated him with the strongest medicine possible. We have nothing to talk about now."

Harry stood up and gracefully walked to Lola.

Lucien looked at Harry, who even in such dire circumstances was calm and cool. He unconsciously made a decision.

"First, leave from here, " he said.

The people from Blood Sacrifice retreated. Jordan was taken back to his room and the doctor was asked to awaken Jordan.

The doctor gave Jordan an injection to clear out the toxins. He gradually gained consciousness.

"Jordan?" Lola tentatively called him out when she noticed that he was regaining consciousness.

Jordan shook his dizzy head slightly. He looked around and saw his anxious sister. "Lola." he acknowledged in a faint voice.

Lola was happy to see that Jordan was recovering. She went to sit near him. "What happened to you, brother?" she asked. Seeing Jordan unconscious had scared Lola.

Jordan saw Harry seated on the sofa and was reminded of the things that had happened the day before.

As soon as he had entered the room, he had felt that something was wrong. Deciding to go back home, he had turned his back and headed for the door.

Suddenly three or four men had come out from under the bed. They had weapons in their hands. One of them saw him opening the door and shot him.

Seeing Jordan awake, Harry nodded at him. "Lucien would try to hurt us. We must do something before he does that, " he said. Jordan gravely nodded.

Though Jordan knew nothing about what had happened later, he knew that Harry was able to help him leave Blood Sacrifice. Either he was forced to leave or something had gone wrong with the negotiations.

Hearing Harry's words, Jordan guessed that he had been forced to leave.

"Why did they restrain my elder brother?" Lola curiously asked Harry while walking to him.

Harry held her hands, "For two reasons. First, they know that you have the old pocket watch. And second, your elder brother is a military officer. Lucien's men are mainly criminals." So, Harry had done this because of both the old pocket wat

nothing else."

She remembered the plan Harry had made last night and ran towards Mando Bay. But was immediately stopped by a bodyguard.

"My Lady, Boss Si said that you are not allowed into Mando Bay."

Lola was very anxious. They were in such a dangerous place. She just couldn't relax until she knew what was happening. "I just want to have a look, " she said.

The bodyguard still stopped her from going. He bowed with respect and said, "My Lady, Boss Si also said that if we allowed you to enter the Bay, all of us would be killed."

Lola was shocked. She looked at the several bodyguards around her. How could he blackmail her like this!

Another bodyguard came to her and said in a low voice, "My Lady, please, I have a big family. Please stay here." he said. Fine!

Lola said nothing. What could she say when several lives were in her hands?

She took the ship biscuit offered by a bodyguard and drank some water. Then she walked towards the glaciers along the lines drawn by Harry.

She walked around for an hour. Presently, a bodyguard came to her and said, "My Lady, Boss Si has asked you to wait at the biggest frozen lake."

Lola nodded and walked to the frozen lake. When had Harry planned all this? How did he know the terrain here so well?

Seated on the blanket prepared by the bodyguards, Lola took out her mobile phone but found that there was no signal.

"Oh! This is the end of the world. There is no one here. No wonder there are no mobile towers here, " she thought and shook her head.

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