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   Chapter 462 So Excited and Almost Cried

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7116

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"No, you can't leave." Her brother was still in their hands. She wanted to catch up with them but was stopped by Joey's men.

"Miss, Mr. Yun is coming to Mando Bay. You may as well stay calm." Lola suddenly paused.

She turned around and looked at them. "Is Mr. Yun, Joey?", she then asked.

The men confusingly looked at each other and nodded to her.

"Joey? What has this to do with Joey? But it seems that he has quite a high standing here! If he is coming, will Harry be with him? No, it is not likely! But I hope he will come with him..."

Her thoughts made her so upset. Then she went to the Soul Killer building with the men.

The first floor of the Soul Killer building was a game room that was full of boys and girls playing different games.

Lola's pretty and sophisticated looks attracted the attention of the people. Those who were still in fresh spirits were all watching at her with a covetous look.

She was led to the second floor again. But she had learned this time around. She stared at the door alertly this time, hesitating to walk inside.

"No, I'd better call Harry first to confirm."

The men saw her taking out the phone and did nothing. Lola dialed Harry's cellphone but it was off.

She stood there dumbfounded. How could he turn off the phone at this time when his wife was in danger!

"Didn't he love her anymore? Didn't he care about her anymore?" She found herself alone and suddenly felt very frustrated.

Sadly and unconsciously, she walked into the luxurious-looking room.

She was not aware of this as the door was closed.

She hastened to open the door. The men looked at her.

She hurried to the exit direction. "Miss, if you want to leave, we will be with you."

Well.... On second thought, it was dangerous outside, too. "All right, I'd better stay here. I'll just trust them." She thought.

So now, should she wait for Joey to rescue her, or...

Well, it seemed that there was no better way.

Finally, the night fell on the small town. Someone knocked at the door. She was on the alert again, wondering who was there.

However, whoever

go of him." Honey, my brother is still in their hands." Thank goodness. Brother could be saved.

Harry touched her face and said, "Don't worry. I'll handle this tomorrow morning." Seeing her being so worried, he felt so regretful for not coming here with them.

Lola nodded and then complained in a sweet voice, "Honey, I'm so hungry." She hadn't eaten anything yet since breakfast.

Harry turned on the lamp. When he saw the food left untouched on the table, he grinned. Well, his little girl was quite alert.

"I'll let them bring some food." He kissed her on the lips and went to open the door.

A man came over at once. He looked able-bodied, not a man of Mando Bay.

Harry gave some instructions and came back inside.

Lola put on her shoes and threw herself into Harry's arms again, acting like a spoiled child.

She thought that he never cared about her and would not come.

"Honey, I'm so happy that you are finally here. I thought you won't come." She said. It was a thrilling and anxious day. But without the bracelet that Harry gave him and the chemical powder, she would not have escaped.

It was happy to see her lovely and sweet girl. "I will never leave you alone."

Soon after, the food was brought over.

After the utterly cold meal was taken away, Lola started to devour the newly-cooked delicious food. Harry helped her pick the dishes. "Eat slowly." He grinned at her.

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