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   Chapter 461 We Serve for Mr. Yun

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 8071

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Lola deleted the messages immediately and calmed herself down.

She rubbed the pocket watch and took a deep breath. Then, she walked to the staircase.

A man came out from the corner in an instant. He blocked Lola's path and blurted out, "Mrs. Lola, it is not safe outside. You should go back to your room."

Lola stared at the disabled man who stood in front of her. She bit her lower lip and said, "My brother is sleeping. I am so bored. I want to get out of here and just wander around."

That man stood still and answered, "Mrs. Lola, Mando Bay is full of danger. It's dangerous for you to get out. You'd better go back to your room now. This is for your own safety."

Lola just stared at him again. She could not persuade him so she had to go back to her room.

At first, she wanted to send a message to Harry. However, Harry was in another place and he could not give her any help, so she gave up.

Lola was so bored that she looked at the photos of her three children in her phone to kill time. She missed them so much!

No! She did not know what happened to her brother. She should not wait for something really bad to happen to him! She had to do something! She could not let down her brother.

She had to get out of here to meet Harry's men who were just outside the casino.

She took a common cloisonné bracelet out of her bag and wore it on her wrist. Harry gave it to her and he said that she could use it to protect herself.

There were so many weapons in her bag. Harry really prepared them to ensure her safety. She'd better carry it with her.

She opened the door and approached the staircase again while holding her bag.

She pressed something on her cloisonne bracelet when that man was about to confront her.

Then, something shot him and he fell to the ground before he could say a word.

Upon hearing the movements, dozens of men walked out. "I have to leave here as soon as possible, or I will be killed by them." Lola thought to herself and she rushed downstairs. Several men were chasing her. "I have to go to the first floor. Harry's men are there." Lola thought to herself again.

So many people dashed to Lola and one of them was about to grab her. However, Lola suddenly turned around and glared at that man.

He never thought that Lola would suddenly turn around and make faces at him. He was so scared that he could not move for a while. Righ

e straightforward with it.

Glenn looked at him and sneered, "He is an officer in the army. Are you sure that we should let him go?" Almost everyone in the Mando Bay had killed several people before. They all hated officers. But at the same time, they were all afraid of officers because they might be caught by them!

Upon hearing this answer, they looked at each other and said, "Mrs. Lola, we'd better wait for Mr. Yun. He will come." They were also afraid that they would be caught by Lola's brother.

Lola knew what they were thinking about, but she said, "Don't be so nervous. Okay? My brother and I just were just passing by here. My brother won't catch anyone. He has no right to do that!"

However, Glenn said, "I won't let that man go. You provoked and fought with our Blood Sacrifice. I will tell these to our boss!"

She was so disgusted with Glenn! Lola hated him so much and she asked, "Why did you imprison me and my brother?"

Glenn looked at Lola. She was so beautiful and pretty. He had a sudden urge to have sex with her. "Imprison? We did not imprison you. We treated you as guests. It was you who wanted to escape."

Lola was so angry that she wanted to kill him! However, she dared not to hurt him, so she just replied, "How could Blood Sacrifice treat me like this? Mrs. Yangshe's ring even didn't work! You didn't respect her at all! Mrs. Yangshe will be upset if she finds out about this!"

Lucien stared at Lola when he heard her reply. She was a really brave woman!

Glenn did not want to talk with her any more. He waved to his men behind him and immediately left.

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