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   Chapter 460 Brother's Situation Unknown

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"Well, the woman is wearing our master's ring and we must make everything clear to everyone involved." said Glenn in a less polite tone for he was still not sure whether the ring was real. If it was, then this woman in front of him was the real deal.

Jordan considered for a while then made his decision.

Following Glenn, they arrived at the gate of a luxurious gambling house. Jordan was carefully observing gamblers walking in and out when he entered the house after Glenn.

The casino was very large. It's hard to imagine that in such a remote place, there were all kinds of the most advanced gambling machines. There are so many gamblers too--at least a thousand or more.

Almost no one was completely healthy. Some looked well on the outside, but actually they had lost some important organs inside of them.

They were led to the second floor. A door was opened and several people were already sitting there.

They were the one-eyed middle-aged man, a grey-haired old man--who was the only sound person there, and a middle-aged woman leaning on a stick.

The old man who was sitting in the middle gravely stared at the ring on Lola's finger when she and Jordan entered.

"Who are you? Why are you wearing our Blood Sacrifice's ring?" The elder Lucien Yangshe seriously looked at the two young people.

Jordan threw a glance at his sister, and murmured. "It's given by Mrs. Yangshe. I will return it to her after using." And she repeated his words briefly.

"Who is this Mrs. Yangshe you just mentioned?" Lucien Yangshe refrained from getting too excited, and wondered whether it was really his younger sister.

"She is Mrs. Ebisu." Yes, it's her! He hadn't seen her for years.

Lucien controlled his emotions. He couldn't understand why his sister would have given such an important object to a stranger. The two young people must have a purpose. They must be very important people.

"What do you want in Mando Bay?" He asked impassively.

Jordan exchanged a glance with Lola, and replied, "We are just passing by Mando Bay to go south."

South of Mando Bay? Lucien frowned because he knew there was a borderless glacier in the south. What would they do there? Would they...

"Do you know anyt


Joey has been gloomy all the day. He immediately took out his phone and texted a message. Two minutes later, he answered. "The two entered Blood Sacrifice's casino and haven't reappeared so far."

Harry tapped the desk with his fingers and ordered. "Send more men there. Once the two were found... No, if given a chance, sneak in, and take them to the Soul Killer."

"Yes, sir." Joey left the office with sadness still on his face.

"I will arrange everything. Don't worry." He replied quick and then sorted out the materials on the desk in order to hand them to the deputy CEO.

Lola had some rest in the room. Then, she opened the door as if nothing had happened. She knocked at Jordan's door over and over again but no one answered.

She got nervous at once, worrying that her brother was in deep trouble. "Are you sleeping, brother?" Still no answer. She stopped to return her room, as if she didn't care at all.

She closed the door and leaned against the door nervously. The she drew down the curtains quick to keep herself sealed in the room.

Again, she began to message Harry on her phone.

"Something happened to my brother." Harry was about to board his private plane. When he read the message, he pondered for a while.

The reason why Blood Sacrifice dared to touch Jordan must be that they had known they had the old pocket watch.

"Keep calm. Wait and see. My men are around you right now. Shout for help in case of urgency. Don't panic."

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