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   Chapter 459 Bright Red Spider Lilies

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They went to A Country first to send the gifts for Angie and Wendy. The skin care products they gave to Wendy were all purely natural. These were safe for pregnant women.

That evening, the whole family gathered together to discuss the matters of the upcoming trip to Mando Bay.

The couple stayed at the Li family overnight and then took Sally to C Country by plane.

Mr. Si and Kevin were happily playing games with Daniel on the lawn when they came back.

Hearing the noise of the landing plane before the mansion's gate, one would know that it was the family of three.

Mr. Si hobbled with a cane while Kevin wheeled the stroller in which Daniel was leaning back.

The family enjoyed a happy reunion. Harry told the chef to prepare more dishes for the dinner.

Also, they opened a bottle of red wine from Bulgaria. Now, the people coming from four different generations were under the same roof to spend a wonderful time.

Happy moments would always pass by quickly. Though Lola was a bit unwilling to leave for Mando Bay right now, her appointment with Jordan was due.

Reluctant to part from her family, Lola kissed the three kids and went to the airport with Jordan.

Jordan was looking forward to going back early to be with Wendy. His wife has been pregnant for over eight months and the expected date was coming soon.

Harry, who seemed to have been busy recently, did not show up. He had once more gone out early and came home late.

Reckoning that he was dealing with cooperative projects again, Lola sighed with a little disappointment. Matters in the company had piled up so fast.

After an eight-hour flight, they arrived in Yu Island.

Yu Island was a southernmost small country, adjoining to M Country and Green Cold Country.

Having stayed in Yu Island for a night, and they went to Mando Bay by train.

Before arriving at Mando Bay, Jordan gave Lola a gun for self-protection. They had to be extra careful nowadays, especially with the kidnappings that happened in the family lately. He told her that in Mando Bay, if you didn't kill those who tried to hurt you, you would be killed by them. That's how dangerous it was there.

They reached the other end

ng on the main area of the hall, with his back to his subordinates. Among them stood a man who had lost some of his fingers.

The middle-aged man heard what he said and turned around, with one eye looking at the man who lacked fingers.

"Is that true? Are you sure you didn't make any mistake?"

The man who lacked fingers nodded at once. "Mr. Qiu, the ring she wore had an X engraved on it. It's the same as the one worn by the old master."

Was she indeed the old master's sister?

"Invite the two people here with politeness. Remember that. I will go to see the old master." One-eyed Zayn Qiu had made up his mind. He would not miss meeting someone who was wearing such a ring.

The man who lacked finger was named Glenn Zhang. He had fled from Green Cold Country as a murderer and had stayed here for seven years already. Now, he was merely a petty leader in Blood Sacrifice.

"Yes, sir." Glenn answered with respect.

Jordan pulled Lola close to him and walked southward regardless of the curious crowd. At this time, a few people approached them It was Glenn and his men who stopped them.

"Honorable guests, Mr. Qiu welcomes you to Blood Sacrifice HQ!" Glen looked at them in a tolerably polite manner. But when he noticed Lola, he switched to a lewd leer. "The girl's not bad!" There was no women as sound and pure as her in Mando Bay.

Jordan stepped in front of his sister and coldly looked into Glenn's evil eyes, and asked, "What do you want?"

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