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   Chapter 458 Why are You on the Floor

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The land that Harry had bought was too big; it was 1.5 acres, at least. They would've had to work for two or three days in order to finish it.

Lola was too tired to work anymore, and Harry told her to sit there and wait for him until he returned. He then planted some more red roses around the patch of land that they had started working on.

In that way, they could easily find their flowers when they came back several months later.

Later, the field's manager came and showed them where the roses used for the essential oil extracts came from.

They saw big bags of roses being thrown into a machine, one after another. Only one liter of rose oil could be extracted from five to six thousand kilograms of rose petals.

Lola let that piece of information sink in. No wonder rose oil was so expensive! So many rose petals and hard labor were being put in for its production! That explained why its price was so high.

In the evening, Lola had a nice Damascus rose bath while wearing a rose oil mask on her face.

They said that rose oil was "the queen of all essential oils". It was not only good for your face and womb, but also helpful if you suffered from any endocrine disorders and if you had freckles.

While Lola was relaxing in the bathtub, Harry came in and handed her a glass of red wine.

"Honey, how are you feeling?" When she raised her right hand to grab the glass of red wine, he saw that her whole body was covered in rose petals.

In fact, if she wanted to, she could also live such a life at his estate back in C Country.

"I feel great! I don't feel tired anymore." She took a sip out of her glass of red wine, and a little bit of it dripped from her lips down her mask on her chin.

Harry came closer to her, and said, "Do you want a shoulder massage?" He was more than happy to serve her.

Lola chuckled, and said, "Get out of here. Leave me alone!" She knew pretty well what he really wanted.

She was trying to kick him out o

ther, hidden sides of him, even the side of him in bed.

"Why do you ask?" He looked back at her, feeling confused.

Lola pointed at the products, and said, "These all have roses in them. You must love that smell very much!" Although she didn't love red roses that much, she would still use those products.

Harry put down his magazine, and answered, "You love it, don't you?" She was pretty happy every time he gave her roses. Especially here, where she looked quite excited among all those Damascus roses.

He would try to love whatever she loved.

He had initially thought that she loved the smell of roses, and that was why he had bought her so many rose products. Alright! She didn't hate it!

And then she said, "Okay, you'll smell it every day." She looked at the packaging of the products, although she couldn't understand a word out of the Bulgarian instructions written on them.

Harry smiled and went to Lola. He looked at her jokingly, and said, "I just love your scent!" Until he had first smelled hers, he had never been a fan of any strong scent. It was not bad!

... Joey heard what Harry said, and he came closer secretly, trying to listen on some more.

Lola slapped Harry over the hand. What was he doing? They weren't alone on the plane! The others must have surely heard that!

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