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   Chapter 457 Men and Women Work Well Together

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Harry eventually tucked her in the quilt, and said, "Go to sleep, we'll get up early at five o'clock tomorrow morning." They had something very important to do!

Five o'clock... "Why?" asked Lola. When she heard the words "five o'clock", Lola already felt sleepy.

Early morning was a good time to plant flowers. "We're going to participate in an interactive love activity," said Harry. He was mysterious.

"An interactive love activity? What's that? It sounds fun though," thought Lola.

She then turned off her phone, closed her eyes, and laid herself to sleep.

However, more than ten minutes later...

"Aren't you sleepy?" She sat up from the bed and saw that the man, who was sitting not that far away from her, was working.

"Honey? Are you still awake?" He put down his computer and then went to the big bed to lie down.

Lola nodded a yes, because the night was still young, and she was not sleepy yet.

Harry initially wanted to leave her alone, but it now seemed that there was no need to do that.

He bent over, kissed her cherry lips and then had sex with her to help her fall asleep faster.


Lola fell asleep at exactly ten o'clock.

The next day at dawn

Harry held the sleepy little woman's hand while he walked with her towards the rose fields.

In front of him was an open field, and not that far away from it was a boundless rose field.

"Honey, we're here." Harry slightly shook the woman in his arms to wake her up.

Lola leaned on Harry, lowered herself from his arms, and then stood on her own feet on the ground.

She looked at the open field in front of her in a daze. The soil was soft, and several girls sitting next to her were staring at them.

"Look, over there!" Harry pointed towards the eastern side, towards where the sun rose.

Lola looked in the direction of his finger and was truly amazed by the magnificent scenery that unfolded before her eyes.

Bathing in the rays of the rising sun, the rose sea, painted in various colors, combined with the morning sky, forming an indescribable beautiful and heavenly landscape.

"Honey! Honey!" She screamed with excitement, and then something was suddenly put in her hand.

Seeing the camera, Lola smiled, and thought that

on now, and the two had already planted many roses.

"OK, let's take a break!" Harry had already said this many times, but Lola was so immersed in her planting work that she wasn't prepared to take a break yet.

But this time, Harry pulled her aside and walked with her towards a sink to wash their hands. "Let's eat breakfast." Half an hour ago, the field's manager had already called them.

OK! Lola glanced back at the fruits of their labor, and smiled revealing her immaculate white teeth.

"Stop looking! You can still do that after we eat." Harry then held her shoulder and headed towards the wooden hut.

Their breakfast was quite rich, and included local cheeses, and flaky pastry made from flour, eggs and feta cheese. There were also three different types of bread. And one cup of coffee for each.

Lola took a bite of the bread that Harry handed over, and thought that Chinese food was more tasty.

Lola felt sleepy the moment after she finished her breakfast.

She held Harry's arms, and then took him to the hut where they stayed.

Seeing her drowsy look, Harry instantly knew that the morning filled with farm work had left her exhausted.

He picked her up in his arms, and before he could even get back to the room with her, Lola already fell asleep in his arms.

Seeing the childish spark in the little woman in his arms, Harry's smile grew even bigger.

Later in the afternoon, the two went back to plant some more roses. They didn't leave the field until sunset.

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