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   Chapter 456 A Princess Charming

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Harry tightly hugged her in his arms, and although he was unhappy about her being an actress before, he tried coaxing her, and said, "My wife succeeded in her career only on her personal competences, not her charms!" Although he wanted to say "yes" very much, he had no choice but to coax her in order to avoid being punished by her.

Lola couldn't help but smirk, and said, "That's my husband!"

Then, they went to taste some Bulgarian specialties together, including spicy roast beef and chicken liver. The town was not very big; it was just as big as a small village in China.

It was four o'clock in the afternoon when they finally finished visiting every place they had wanted to. The clouds were hanging heavy in the sky, with countless rays of light penetrating them and hitting the ground. It was beautiful. As the photographer, Lola, of course, immediately took many pictures of the splendid scene.

After they returned to Rose Valley, Harry took Lola straight to their room.

Joey was already waiting for them in the room, and there were multiple jars placed on the table.

Whey Joey saw the two people coming in, he bowed adequately and pointed towards the jars sitting on the table, saying, "Mrs. Si, look!"

Lola watched the way he acted and couldn't help but laugh. "Little Joey, how generous you are!"

Joey giggled, "Mrs. Si, please, don't call me this way. I am not accustomed to it!"

"How about calling you 'Dear Joey'?" A cold voice was heard coming from Lola's back. Then, her shoulders were tightly held by Harry's big palms.

Emm... Harry seemed to be angry, so Joey immediately stopped smiling and stood still. "Boss, I'm sorry."

"Harry is so mean. I was just joking with his wife, it's not that much of a big deal!" Joey thought to himself.

"You're sorry?" Harry held Lola's hand and walked towards the jars, and then he turned around and seriously stared at Joey. "If you ever dare to have the same intentions as Chuck, I'll throw you back to Mando Bay immediately and confine you there for the rest of your whole entire life!"


The other two people in the room were left speechless when they heard his words; Lola had also probably known that Chuck was into her. But she was actually grateful that Harry liked her so much as to go to such lengths.

Who did she think she was? "A princess charming"? That she could please everybody?

Joey raised his hand and swore right away. "Boss, please rest assured! I never dared to have any kind

he packages with a sad look on his face and then went to pay for the bill.

When they left their room, outside, it had already become sunny, and it seemed as if the previous thunderclaps had been just a mere illusion.

Joey looked up at the sky and sighed. Even God was mocking him! Why did he have to tolerate all of this?

Then, he glanced at the skin care products in his arms and felt bad about the money he had to spend on them. But when he realized that all of his money had been given to him by Harry, he felt much better. He could just ask Harry to pay him back whenever he had the chance!

Yes! That was it!

Lola would not allow anyone else to say anything bad about her husband. She was the only one who had the right to do that!

However, when Lola thought better of the expensive cosmetics, she felt a little guilty, and she looked at the man who was now taking off his coat. "Do you really want Joey to pay for the bill?" she asked. She knew that the products were very expensive merely by hearing words like "natural" and "purely extracted from plants."

"Don't worry, I exactly know how rich he is! He'll eventually ask for a refund later." Harry had the final say.

Oh! Okay then. Lola felt relieved when she heard that. She was worried that this might trigger some sort of conflict between the two men. It seemed that she had overthought things...

It wasn't even nine o'clock in the evening yet, and Harry had been urging Lola, who was still playing her cell phone, to come to bed.

"It's too early to go to bed. It's only half past eight now!" She rejected his offer. At home she was used to go to bed only after ten o'clock.

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