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   Chapter 455 No One is Prettier Than My Wife

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 8043

Updated: 2018-08-12 23:11

"Wow! They are so beautiful!" thought Lola. Was she taken there by Harry just to see the beautiful women?

She was unhappy that the three beautiful women were all eyeing her man.

She held Harry's big palm tight immediately, trying to tell them that he was hers, and only hers!

Harry who was talking with the owner of the garden, felt that something was wrong about the woman beside him, and he turned around and glanced at her. His little lady was looking at the three beauties in front of him.

Harry slightly smiled, and then he introduced Lola to them in fluent Bulgarian. "This is my wife, Lola."

Afterwards, he said to Lola softly, "Let me introduce everyone for you."

When the three beauties heard that the woman beside Harry was his wife, they immediately showed a noticeable disappointed look on their faces.

After the simple greetings, Lola still had no idea where she was. They were talking in a foreign language in which she couldn't understand a word. But, nonetheless, Lola was still excited about her arrival to a strange and foreign place.

It was only until they got in the car and drove to Rose Valley, that Harry told her that they were in Bulgaria.

"Wow! Bulgaria! The Damascus roses here are internationally renowned!" Lola couldn't wait to see the roses here!

Skin care products with essential oils extracted from Damascus roses were extremely expensive in China, but they did their job quite satisfying.

It didn't occur to her that she would pay a visit to Bulgaria before going to Mando Bay! "Muah!" Lola kissed Harry on his face. And when Harry turned around and saw her excited look he felt good, too.

He knew that she would be happy about his arrangements. He decided that he would take her out again after their return from Mando Bay. He had promised her that he would take her to travel around the world, and he would certainly keep up to his word.

Lola looked out of the window. There were pet dogs, cats and guinea pigs everywhere in small houses on both sides of the road. The car stopped in front of a red traffic light, and an exotic wooden house came into their view, where a white-haired old lady was sitting in front of the door. A cute Pekingese was lying beside her.

She had heard that people in Bulgaria liked raising pets, and this proved to be surely true!

But, unfortunately, she didn't really like little pets. So, maybe she'd b

before, and he was already sick and tired of this. He put his arm on his woman's shoulders and pulled her right arm towards him gently.

"There's nothing to look at here. No one is prettier than my wife!" He'd rather see his wife than all those models walking on the street around him! His wife was the most beautiful woman in the world for him, and this was something that wasn't exaggerated at all!

Lola smirked upon hearing that. Deep down inside, she was more than happy when he said so.

Lola got rid of his arm and then walked a few steps ahead quickly. She then turned around, and tried to take a picture of him.

Unexpectedly, Harry smiled at the camera in front of him. His smile was something magical, that made her lose her breath every time she saw it.

Lola adjusted the settings and pressed the instantly shutter. A man in a long black coat was caught on camera.

Lola looked at the picture she had just taken. "Harry, maybe I should run an entertainment company and make you a star. You would totally be a hit! Then, I would be your manager." She would make much more money even more easily!

Harry, while still staring at the camera, looked at the woman who was walking backwards. He was making sure that she didn't stumble into anything or anyone and had an accident. "I'm Harry Si. Do I really need to sell my charms to make money?"

Lola stopped. She looked at him and asked, "What do you mean? You mean I was only selling my charms when I worked as an actress before? And what about Joseph? He was a popular star. Was he making money only by selling his charms? Hum!"

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