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   Chapter 454 You Even Want to Kill Me

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When they had gone abroad before, Harry had always put all of her skin care products inside a box. But on this occasion, he didn't take so many of her stuff along for the trip, because they were going to a different place.

"Make do with what you have this time. We're soon going to land, " replied Harry.

"Um..." uttered Lola. She then entered the bathroom again and applied only the face cream.

After she came out, one of the bodyguards brought her a heated sandwich and milk breakfast and put them next to Harry.

"Thank you!" said Lola. She smiled at the bodyguard and drank a sip of milk.

When he looked at Harry and Lola, who were obviously in a great mood, Joey thought to play a prank on them. "Mrs. Si, Mr. Si is going to tie and sell you soon. Why are you so happy?"

When she heard him, Lola then seriously stared at Harry, and said, "How much have you sold me for? Give me all the money!" After uttering these words, Lola took a bite of the sandwich. While she slowly chewed, she stated at Joey, lost in thought.

Harry cast a cold glance at Joey, and said, "I'll sell you to the Mauritius Islands after we get off the plane." Africa... Well, that wasn't that bad!

Joey gave off a moan, and asked in a soft voice, "You're so heartless! If you sell me, who would keep you company anymore?" To deal with the business.

Harry and Lola, who were sitting opposite him, suddenly got goose bumps. Once again, Harry cast a cold glance at him, and shouted, "Get out!"

Lola then seemed to suddenly realize something, and said, "Oh? So Joey is your real mistress! Harry Si, I never expected that you would hook up with a man!" Lola swallowed another bite out of the sandwich and then drank a sip of milk.

When Joey heard her, he burst into laughter.

Wearing a long face, Harry put his hands around Lola's head and let her head rest against his chest. After that, he began to kiss her lips.

"Wow, it's such a surprise to see you kissing this very moment! So, so romantic!" Joey screamed and didn't look away, but instead carefully looked at Harry and Lola who were kissing.

He mumbled, "I wonder how the boss tastes. I really want a taste..."

Before he had finished uttering these words, a magazine flew towards him. He was frightened and tilted his body, so the magazine flew past his ear.

After he looked at


Joey coughed for a few times. While looking at Harry and Lola, who were affectionately looking each other in the eyes, Joey tried his best to make his presence felt.

Without turning his head around, Harry said, "Honey, it's all my fault. I shouldn't take Joey along to disturb us." If Joey hadn't been there, Lola would've obediently stayed in his arms or in the compartment.


Joey was frustrated, and thought that he had come along with them only for work. He also wondered why Harry still disliked him after all this time...

While the three of them were chatting joyfully, the plane slowly landed.

Located on the southeastern part of the Balkan Peninsula in Europe, Bulgaria was traditionally an agricultural country. The roses, yogurt and wines of Bulgaria were pretty well-known in the world market.

The export quantity of the cigars, and the output and export quantity of the rose oil, ranked first place in the world.

At the Sofia Rose Valley

Harry got off the plane, hand in hand with Lola.

Then, three men and three women came over to greet them. While Harry was talking with them, Lola fixed her eyes on the three women.

They looked like the westerners, with their long, wavy yellow hair hanging loose on their shoulders. They had greenish-blue eyes, deep eye sockets, high nose bridges and sexy lips of different colors and shapes. Their figures were especially sexy, and when Lola measured by eye their chest, waist and hip measurements, she noticed that they were all up to standard, actually even above standard!

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